February 9, 2017

Thankful on a Snowy Thursday

Plenty to be thankful for this morning as I join in with Rebecca Jo @ Knit by God's Hand in counting blessings.

This week I am thankful...

* for the beautiful snow covered scene outside my window this morning.

* for my hubby who took pity on my endless coughing and cleaned off my car and cleared a spot for the puppies to do their business before he went to work.

* the school district called a 2-hour delay last night. (Still hoping for that cancellation this morning.)

* for what a good momma my daughter is turning out to be and for her sweet baby boy who is growing and healthy.

* that today is finally the day my husband is getting most of his teeth pulled and getting dentures.  The poor man inherited his mother's soft teeth and he has needed this done for so long.  Lack of insurance prevented it for years and then it was his reluctance to take time off work.  Finally it's all come together.  I am excited for how much better I think he will feel.

* that Mom and John continue to stay in good health.  So many friends are dealing with parents in declining health and we have not run into anything that can't be healed from yet.

* and as always...

For all of you!


  1. That picture of your daughter & grandson is so pretty. I know it makes your heart smile.
    Bless your heart... you had that stomach thing & now a coughing thing. This year has just been HORRIBLE with germs & sickness for so many.
    You'll have to do an update on your husband & his teeth.. .with my horrible dental issues, I can tell this is probably going to be the way I'm going to have to go sooner rather than later. You'll have to let me know how it all went & how his recovery is & how he likes it. I'm sure it'll take some time to get used to ... glad its finally happening though.
    Hope you got that snow day & got to stay home & enjoy that pretty snow

    1. It has been a horrible winter for sickness! The kids on my bus just can't get rid of it. As soon as one bug seems to be done with them the next one starts. Years like this I wish I could wear a hazmat suit!

      My hubby is doing pretty well today. He was really sore and grumpy last night and couldn't really talk because of swelling and wads of gauze packing. He said he is a little sore today, but feeling pretty good.

  2. Aren't grandchildren just the best. Love the picture of yours and his mommy. What a sweet husband to shovel stuff off for you. Hope you got the day off!

    1. Thank you and, yes, I did get that snow day!

  3. I could sit and stare (with envy) at your first image for ages! Already, it was 84-degrees today -- phooey.

    My former hubby had all his teeth pulled at 30-something. The first days were tough, but he was SO happy after. Praying your guy isn't suffering too much.

  4. You may have all of my snow! I'd rather be somewhere warm and sunny (though 84 is bordering on too hot).

    So far my hubby isn't having too much trouble and he is soooooo glad to finally have it done. What is it with guys? Why do they put off health things forever?


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