January 25, 2017

A Salty Hodgepodge

Yikes!  My first post of the week and I'm running late getting it posted.  That seems to be the story of my life this year...always running back and forth between home and work.  I can honestly say it's the first time I've ever felt like I'm in the rat race.  Not loving it.  Not at all.

Ah well, what's a girl to do besides grab a little escape wherever she can and what better mid-week escape is there than the Wednesday Hodgepodge? None! Join me in a little respite from the work week and head over to see Joyce at From This Side of the Pond to check out the rules, sign up, or just visit some of the other Hodgepodgers.

1. "The cure for anything is salt water-tears, sweat, or the sea." (Isak Dinesan) Would you agree? Of the three, which has 'cured' you most recently?

Well, no...I think there are plenty of things that can't be cured by any of those things.  However, a good cry often makes a person feel better...so does some good old-fashioned exercise...and being at the beach perks most of us up.  As for lately, I can't say I've done any of those for quite a while.

2. What's something you can't eat without salt? Do you normally salt your food a lot, a little, or not at all? 

I love salt on my watermelon!  When I was a kid I loved salt.  Sometimes I'd even just pour some in my hand and lick it up.  I still like it, just maybe not quite that much.  I do lightly salt quite a few things, but I try to only use a pinch and skip it on somethings completely since I am on meds for high blood pressure.  I must be doing okay as my blood pressure is better than it's ever been.

3. Sands of time, bury your head in the sand, built on sand, or draw a line in the sand...which sandy phrase could best be applied to something in your life right now? 

I think 'sands of time.'  There was a moment at Christmas when the whole family was together that I just sat back and took it all in.  I was caught off guard and blown away by the thought that everyone there was there because of my husband and I, because we fell in love, got married, and started a family.

4. A favorite book, movie, or song with an island setting or theme?

Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry.  It stirred my imagination so much as a child that I dreamed for years of going there...and now I've been many times and it remains my happy place.

5. Yesterday-did you run your day or did it run you? How so?

I felt like I ran it because even though snow moved in and surprised the heck out of everyone and made the roads in the higher elevations (exactly where I drive the bus) rather bad during the morning, I kept calm and used the skills I've learned over the years and didn't have a lick of trouble or fear.

6. You're on an island holiday. Will I most likely find you parked in a beach chair, shopping in town, on the back of a jet ski, or snorkeling off the back of a catamaran?

I want to do it all!  I love to cram my vacations full of activity.  I like the beach, but I'm only good for about half of each day doing that.  Then I want to explore on bikes, check out the shops, try all the restaurants, and probably my favorite thing...fishing off a boat.

7. What do you think we humans most take for granted?

Life itself.  We put things off, we don't take care of things, we don't appreciate the people in our lives.  We just assume tomorrow is going to be there.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I heard this on the radio this morning and it's stuck with me.

Worry doesn't change tomorrow,
it just steals the peace from today.


  1. Wow! I'm impressed you drive a bus and in the snow at that! We had an unusual amount of snow last week (unheard of really for Portland) and I didn't drive for a week! ha. Just too nerve wracking. Have a good week!

  2. Bless you for driving your school bus and transporting the students safely. Seriously. Bless you! I just knew you would mention Chincoteague!! Enjoyed reading your answers!

  3. I enjoyed your blog today (visiting from Hodgepodge). But I really perked up while reading your list of 100 things about yourself, #45 in particular. I, too, must appear to be a pretty safe person to strangers (and indeed, I am). It's nice to come across someone else with that 'gift', shall we call it? Blessings to you.

  4. Oh yes, I forgot about watermelon and salt, I love it! I love riding my bike too. Love the quote!

  5. Nice job navigating your bus in the snow. If the powers that be suggest staying of the roads, I often comply. I am perfectly capable of driving on slippery roads, I prefer not to. I find that if you just take your time, reduce speed and give the vehicle in front of you plenty of space you do fine. Enjoy your week.

  6. I am that person who sometimes must be dragged off the beach at 7 PM : ) Late day on the beach is my favorite. We've been running here there and everywhere this month and I'm looking forward to a little home time now. Enjoy your weekend!


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