January 27, 2017

The Saturday 9 is Brokenhearted

Saturday 9: Brokenhearted (2012)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a girl who is eager and anxious for her new lover to call. Do you owe anyone a call? An email? A text? 

Not really.  There are a few people I should probably call just to say hi, but I don't owe anyone a call, email or text.

2) The lyrics are peppered with the informal English exclamation, "cheerio!" What pops into your head when you close your eyes and think of England?

The royal family, horses, dampness....not really much else.  I've never thought much about England.  It's not a place I have ever been drawn to.  I don't know why.

3) This week's artist, Karmin, is a husband/wife duo who met at college, and that meeting changed the course of their lives and careers. Think of someone who has had a huge impact on your life. Did you know, as soon as you met, that this was going to be a life-changing relationship?

I guess no one has had a bigger impact on my life than my husband and yes, I knew the moment I met him that he was the one.

4) Though she sings about consuming tequila, the female side of Karmin, Amy, is a big proponent of healthy eating. She recommends organic foods that are free of pesticides, hormones, food coloring and added sugar. Think about your most recent meal. Was it a good example of "healthy eating?"


5) Husband Nick has his own Twitter account (@NickKarmin), but he doesn't use it often. His last tweet was back in August. What's the last thing you posted to social media? (No, your blog doesn't count.) 

Something about the weather on Facebook?  I haven't used my Twitter account in at least a year...probably more.

6) Karmin performed "Brokenhearted" live on Dancing with the StarsDWTS is  very big business for ABC-TV. So many people vote for their favorite couples each week that their phone and text systems often overload. Have you ever voted for a contestant on American Idol, DWTS, The Voice, etc.?

Yes.  I've voted for American Idol contestants in the past and I voted for Sadie Robertson when she was on DWTS.

7)  In 2012, the year"Brokenhearted" was popular, the average cost for a gallon of gas was $3.91. In 2016, it had dropped to $2.40. When it's time to fill up your tank, do you shop around for the lowest price/gal.? Are you brand loyal and always return to the same station, regardless of price? Or do you just buy gas from the nearest station when you're running low?

It doesn't seem to matter what brand it is around here.  The price is usually the same at all stations.  The only difference is if you have their fuel perks card to get a 3-cent discount or if you collect fuel discounts from one of the local grocery stores...we've filled up for free using those and you have to go to their gas stations to use them.

8) In 2012, the Space Shuttle Endeavor was retired and placed on permanent display at the California Science Center, a Los Angeles museum dedicated to encouraging excitement and enthusiasm about air and space travel. Let's say you had a long weekend to spend in Los Angeles. Would you go out of your way to see The Endeavor? What else would you like to do during your time in the City of Angels?

I probably wouldn't go out of my way.  I've been to the Smithsonian's air and space museum and the space museum at Wright Patterson AFB.  They were interesting but not something I'd really seek out.  If I was in LA I'd be more interested in seeing the La Brea tar pits.

9) While we're thinking about aviation ... Statistics show that it's still a predominantly male field, and less than 10% of commercial pilots are women. Would you be nervous flying with a woman pilot?

Not any more nervous than with a man.  At one time I wanted to be a pilot myself and considered joining the Air Force.

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  1. I took the air force tests for the same reason, wanting to fly fighter jets. And, when I met my DH, I knew he was the one for me.
    Have a great and hopefully not too cold weekend.

    1. I belonged to the Civil Air Patrol all the way through high school so I knew I'd never fly fighter jets (can't wear glasses and do that), but I still wanted to fly something.

      It's going to be a cold snowy weekend here, but we're running the pellet stove and snuggled up with quilts and pups watching movies.

  2. It's funny you mention the Tar Pits. The last two times I've been out there, I've stayed in a small hotel near the Tar Pits. And I've never seen them! The friend I'm visiting always says, "Oh, let's check them on the way back from (insert other attraction here)." And then it would be dark! Someday I'll see those Tar Pits.

    1. I've been fascinated by the Pits since I was a little kid so I'd probably suggest to the friend "Let's check out (insert other attraction here) after we see the Tar Pits.

  3. Personally, I think that most people go to the gas station more on 'autopilot' more than with an actual thought process. Shopping around for the lowest price will probably cost more in gas and time than in savings.

  4. All the gas stations here have the same price, too, so I go where they pump the gas for me. Especially when it's below zero!

    1. There is NO place around here that pumps for you. There was one when the kids were little that I always went to even though it cost 5 cents more per gallon. It was worth it to me to not have to get out of the car and then either have to leave the kids to go in and pay or drag them out of their car seats. Plus they always gave the kids (and me, truth be told) a piece of candy. I miss that place...though it's been remodeled and my hair salon is there now.

  5. wow, no twitter in a year, I use mine almost every day I have no idea how it would feel not to tweet
    come over see my answers at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  6. I've been buying gas at the local supermarket when I save up enough points I get 30 cents off of the price.

    1. Our supermarket gives 10 cents off for every $100 you spend and you can add up as much as you want...catch is that they only rollover for 3 months. At Christmas when we do a lot of shopping (they also give double rewards for buying gift cards for other retailers through them) we've been known to earn a completely free tank.

  7. A pilot and a journalist. You could've mixed those and flown twin engines into war zones or something.

    1. Yeah....that's kinda what I had in mind at the time. The old school foreign correspondents were my heroes.


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