January 21, 2017

Breaking the Ice

It's time once again for a little Sunday Stealing, the weekly meme where the questions are unapologetically stolen from other sources, but where credit is given (when possible).

Bud's bit of introduction to this week's questions...slightly edited.

"It is hard to say where we got these questions. They are from a martial arts site and we think are meant for questions to ask your opponents when you meet. We “think” because most of the site is in French. Also, you’d never ask any of the original questions to someone that you just met. Those questions were not what we’d ask someone when we met. But there were 50 questions that we both stole and edited to become today’s massive event. We got the title from the original site."

Cheers to all of us thieves!

Sunday Stealing: The Icebreaker Questions

1. Are you loud, outgoing or shy?

It totally depends on the situation and the people around me.  I am by nature an introvert...I tend to loathe small talk and relationships can tax me, but put me with people I know well and am comfortable with and I can be loud and even outgoing.  Shyness can rear it's head when it comes to public speaking.

2. What’s coming up where you’ll see an old friend?

Not a thing I can think of.  This year marks 35 years since I graduated, but I've heard nothing of a class reunion.  That doesn't surprise me given the failure of the last one (which was the first one I ever attended).  Out of a class of 365 there were about 30 people there and that included some spouses!  Many said they were not interested and would never be interested and asked to never be contacted again.  I admit I'm not all that interested.  If we were friends then I've kept up with you and even if I didn't, we now have Facebook so it's very easy to keep up with classmates.

3. Are you easy to get along with?

Usually.  Some might say too much so.  Sometimes I let people walk over me in order to keep the peace.

4. Have you ever given up on someone, but then gone back to them?

No.  If I have cut you out of my life it's because I've given you too many chances already and you are toxic.

5. Who was the last person that you had a deep conversation with?

That would be Marie, one of the women from my Bible study group.  We met for lunch this past week and had a great conversation about faith.

6. Are you okay with being in a big crowd?

I'd prefer not to be if it's a party or something like that.  I'm fine at something like a concert or festival.

7. Do you believe in luck and/or miracles?

As a person of faith I definitely believe in miracles.  Luck, not so much.  I think there's truth in the saying that we make our own "luck" through the choices we make along the way.

8. What good thing happened during the summer? (It’s good to think about summer when you are freezing your butt off in January.)

The best things that happened this past summer were our daughter moving out (before our relationship was destroyed) and her boyfriend and father of her son, proposing to her the day they took possession of their first apartment.

9. Do you think there is life on other planets?

It's certainly possible.  The universe is a vast place and speaking from my faith...the Bible does not rule it out, it simply tells the story of creation on this planet.

10. Who was your first crush on?

I'm not sure which came first, but it was either Roy Rogers or Dean Martin. How's that for variety?

11. What are your bad habits?

Procrastination, biting my nails, and spending too much time on Facebook.

12. What’s your favorite part of your daily routine?

When I get home at the end of the day and have an hour or so to myself to start dinner, get showered, have a glass of wine.

13. Other than your significant other, who are you most comfortable with?

Probably my daughter.  Even though we fought something awful while she was still living at home, we have been through a LOT together and we are close.

14. Has an ex ever told you that they regret breaking up?

No.  I've never really spent any time with an ex.

15. Why should your celebrity crush drop everything to be with you?

He shouldn't because we're both married.  If we weren't he should be with me because we have a lot in common and I'd adore him for him not for his celebrity.

16. What would be the hardest to give up and why? Books. TV. Music.

Books because I've been reading full length novels since I was in elementary school, music because it takes me back to certain times in my life, and lastly TV. In fact, TV wouldn't be hard at all.

17. Do you believe in second chances?

I do.  Not to the point of putting your emotional or physical well-being at risk, though.

18. What would like to do next in your life?

Find a job I really enjoy, do a little bit of traveling.

19. What’s the meanest thing that anyone has ever said to you?

It was something my husband said at a low point in our marriage.  I'd prefer not to share.  We've moved on.

20. What’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to you?

So many have said wonderful things to me that I cherish, but one that stands out is my dad saying I was a good cook.  My dad was old-school and a man of few words.  I only ever heard him say that my mom's mom was a good cook. Mom had to fish for compliments about the meals she cooked and even then all Dad ever said was "I ate it didn't I?"  So when he told other people I was a good cook that was high praise indeed. 


  1. Facebook is my time wasting downfall.

  2. I think that Facebook has competed with the whole reunion business.

    1. I really do think it's directly linked to the demise of reunions.

  3. I need to stop biting my nails too! I hate the way it looks and still don't stop

  4. Never having liked Facebook from its humble beginnings, I waste time other ways.
    And let's hear it for the cooks! Saying that someone is a good cook is a very nice compliment!

    1. Sadly, if Facebook wasn't around I'd find another way to waste time, too.

      I tried a new barbecue rib recipe today and it met with rave reviews. I'll have to share the recipe on here some time.

  5. I wonder why we bite our nails. I have done it since I was a child. I keep them clipped far back to try to keep from biting them. It helps but doesn't stop the habit.

    1. I don't know. I've been biting since I can remember. Now and then I go through spells where I quit for months at a time, but the nails never look really good because I've damaged the nail bed over the years and they grow sort of funny. :( Anyway, I'll get stressed or bored and next thing you know I'm biting again.

  6. Replies
    1. It is, especially if it's cold enough to start up the pellet stove, too.

  7. Oh, I wish I'd thought to say, Facebook!
    I love discovering others' similarities in Blogland; and it sounds like we've more than a few! (I, too, started college as a journalism major ... and absolutely loathe today's media.)

    Not sure who I liked better: Roy Rogers or Trigger. (Really.)

    Thanks for pointing out your follower icon. Proud to be one of your groupies!

    1. Today's media is not the same media I admired and learned about. Not at all.

      I'm pretty sure Trigger was part of the draw for me. I was really into horses.

      Thanks for following!

  8. I enjoyed reading your answers! Facebook is a time killer for me too.

    1. Much too easy to get sucked in. :(


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