August 14, 2016

The Gal's Meme, 2: Sunday Stealing

For this week's Sunday Stealing we're continuing on with Part 2 of The Gal's Meme.  Check out the link above for all the rules (there really aren't any) and to sign up or check out all the other entries.

Sunday Stealing: The Gal's Meme, Part 2

What did your last text message say? "Are you still coming over tonight?"

Are you someone’s best friend? Tell us about your friendship.
 I think so, though we really don't use that term.  We have had a lot of similar experiences and understand where each of us is coming from even though she is older than me. For each of us, the other is the one we can be completely honest with, the one we don't have to wear any kind of mask with.

What are you doing tomorrow?  Tomorrow is my birthday.  I'm having lunch at Olive Garden with a big group of family and friends.

What do you think of when you think of Australia?  My daughter's trip there the summer before her senior year of high school.  She went with People to People. It was hideously expensive, but we scrimped and saved and held fundraisers to get the money to send her.  She was there for 3 weeks and got to do things I can only dream of.

Last person you talked to on the phone? What about? 
My daughter called last night wanting me to come help her carry her groceries up the stairs to her second floor apartment (she's pregnant).

Any plans today? Do tell. Not any more.  We had planned to take the grandkids to the zoo, but the forecast is for rain and thunderstorms so we postponed until next Saturday.

What makes you happy?
 Not having any drama going on.  Life seems to be overflowing with it these days thanks to our ability to have instant access to everyone's every single thought.

What’s your favorite room where you live?
  My room.  It was my daughter's bedroom until she moved out in June.  Now it's where I have my books and craft things.

Biggest annoyance in your life right now?  My husband's truck.  It's STILL not running right.  He's had my car since the beginning of July and I've been stuck at home.  I'm at annoyance level, Red Alert.

Last movie you saw? Review, please. My husband and I went to see Independence Day: Resurgence in 3D this summer.  It wasn't as good as the original and it wasn't the same without Will Smith, but it was pretty cool that nearly all the other characters were back and to see what had happened to earth since the original invasion.  They did end it with an opening for a third movie.  By the way, it was our first 3D movie at the theater.  That was pretty cool.  3D has come a long way since I was a kid.

If you are jealous of anyone, tell us about it.
  I can't think of anyone I'm jealous of.

What is the most serious relationship you’ve had?
  The one I'm in now. My husband and I have been together for 32 years.  

Should anyone be jealous of you? No. We should all be happy with our own lives.  We don't know everything about anyone else's life.  There may be things in my life that you wouldn't want to deal with.

What do you usually do during the work day? Work. D'uh.  I will say I'm going to be working more this year.  I signed up to do a vo-tech run in the mornings this year.  I'm not super excited, but the extra income from it isn't anything to sneeze at and will help get us out from under the burden of hubby's truck, pay for baby showers and future weddings, etc.

Tell us about someone that you really don’t care for.
  Pick a presidential candidate...any one.  I find it very demoralizing that the two we've got are the best this country can produce.

Do you use the phrase “Have a good one” daily? No.  In fact, I rarely use it.

How old do you wish you’d be turning on your next birthday? Why?
  Maybe 25? I'd change a lot of our earlier financial decisions and I'd definitely make more effort to be healthy.

Do you still like amusement parks? Tell us about your last trip to one.  Sure! I'm not a fanatic and it's been a while, but they're still fun.  In fact, we're going to Conneaut Lake Park next weekend.  I'm giving my mom a ride on the roller coaster for her 72nd birthday.  The Blue Streak was the biggest coaster from NY to Chicago back in the day and mom was forbidden to ride it by her mom.  She never got around to it as an adult and then the park closed in the 90s.  Since then it's been in Chapter 13 and it's been closed and open and closed again.  A few years ago during an open period Mom and John went and bought a ticket for her to ride.  The coaster broke down and they didn't get it running before the end of the day.  So, I decided that's how we're celebrating her birthday this year.

How did you get one of your scars?
 I have one on the bottom of my chin that I got before I was even 5 years old.  I was at Vacation Bible School and all us kids were outside playing in the parking lot (it was town, there were no grassy areas).  We played Ring Around the Rosie and when the time came for "we all fall down" the bigger kids really took us little kids DOWN.  I ripped open my chin and both knees.

Will you still love me tomorrow?  Of course!  Will you stilll love me??


  1. I enjoyed your answers!! We were close to the same on a few of them. Have a good one!! :)

  2. You know, after this year's presidential election, I think that all the "good" candidates would be wise to avoid national offices like the plague. Wouldn't it be terrible if this were to start a whole new trend? I think a truly good man (like Biden, for example) wouldn't have a chance.

    1. Lord, I hope it's not a new trend. It used to be that we could disagree but still have respect for the candidates...and each other!

  3. Replies
    1. Are you answering to my answer for the first question or the last? lol

  4. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! Celebrate it like it's yours, because it is!

  5. I wish you a very happy birthday! :-)

  6. Now I am jealous of your daughter, holding a koala.

    1. If it makes you feel any better she said it was not a pleasant experience. One, it stunk to high heaven of stinky animal and eucalyptus. Two, it's claws really scratched you up. Three, it was mating season...that was a male...and they were standing right by a cage of females...he was a little, um, amorous.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Stacy.... oh yes, Koala's can be very smelly. They have such poor eyesight so it's, em, compensation?

    1. Thank you, Zippi, and you're not late. Today (Monday) is my birthday.

      I'm not jealous of the koala's all the time she spent with kangaroos that I'm jealous of.


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