August 30, 2016

I Wish He Had Come with Instructions

I don't know what I was expecting when I opened the pages of I Wish He Had Come With Instructions - The Woman's Guide to a Man's Brain, something dry...probably boring...most likely very technical.  So, imagine my surprise and joy to find a very readable book!

Mike Bechtle has taken what could be a complicated subjected weighed down with scientific facts and made it something that anyone can understand and gain insight from and he's made it pretty entertaining, too.

First, Bechtle encourages the reader to appreciate and even celebrate the differences in the way men and women think and act or react.  An unexpected outcome of that first chapter was learning a lot about myself as a woman and how my actions affect the men in my life.  As it turns out, most of the chapters are like that.  Bechtle would explain how the male mind works on something and I would immediately start seeing how I've been acting with regard to that male mindset and know if I need to change anything.  Most of the time the answer was "yes."

This really was a great read and I'd recommend it to any woman who has ever wondered "What is wrong with him?" You'll find yourself nodding in agreement with many of the examples and the ah-ha! moments are many.  I'm not saying it will save a relationship that's on the rocks, but it just might keep one from ending up there by teaching you how to communicate with your man...and give you an understanding of the "dumb" things he does and what motivates him.

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