January 13, 2017

Finding Hope

I give up.  I've got to say something, though usually I try to avoid politics on the blog.  There really is no point.  If we don't see eye to eye to begin with, it's very doubtful than any amount of ranting or raving on here will change either of our minds.  At least I can assure you that the post that is about to be written is only loosely political.

It was last week that I read a comment about a blogger's feelings since the Nov. 8 election.  She wrote that Trump's victory had "crushed her soul."  Crushed it. Smashed it.  Pulverized it.  Left it for dead on the side of the road.

Wow.  Those three words have haunted me ever since.

I understand the disappointment.  I was very actively involved in the 2012 election, working out of the local GOP office on behalf of Mitt Romney.  To say I was rabidly ANTI-Obama would be an understatement.  I was not a big fan of Romney, but I did not want four more years of Obama and Romney was, at least, far less objectionable to me.  My fellow workers and I took great comfort in the positive responses we got to phone calls.  All our work showed greater support for Romney than Obama.  And yet, when it came time to vote Obama's supporters turned out in greater numbers.  Many who disliked him felt discouraged and didn't even bother to vote.  By staying home, they handed the election to Obama.

That said, when it became clear that Obama was the victor I was shocked.  I was disappointed, certainly, and saddened.  I never once, though, felt the need to protest (or riot) and destroy public and private property.  I never threatened to kill anyone who voted for Obama.  I never felt the need to retreat to a safe space and take out my frustrations on a mound of Play-doh.  I definitely never felt like my soul was crushed.

Those words make me so sad.  I get it, though.  If all I had to hold onto was the people and things of this world my soul would probably be crushed, too.  The difference is that I have my faith in God to sustain me.  Jesus is my hope for the future.  I have God's promises to stand on.  This world?  It is temporary and even though we've mucked it up pretty well, God is still in control of it.  ALL of it.  That includes politics.  When all is said and done, no matter what candidate gets elected, it can be said that God either placed His man or allowed the enemy's man to be put in position, either way it all works toward His plan.

So, is Trump America's great savior?  No, we already have one.  His name is Jesus.  An awful lot of us have turned our backs on Him lately.  I don't know if it's too late, but I do know that God has allowed Donald Trump to be elected president for a reason.  God is in control.  He's got this.

What we believers need to be doing is sharing our hope with as many others as we can.  We need to let them know that their souls can be restored...washed clean and made holy and whole.

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  1. Yes! You are so right. The way some people are acting is almost laughable, but they have nothing else to place their hope and faith in. Jesus is always the Way and the Answer!


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