December 1, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Hey, check it out...I'm actually going to get my Thankful Thursday list posted on an actual Thursday!  Impressive, no?

This week I am thankful...

* as I sit here on my lunch break listening to the wind howl and watching little raindrops that occasionally look a bit thicker than rain, for my snug little home and all its comforts.

* that by the grace of God my family was not forever changed when my son was in an automobile accident in October.  His neck was broken (cracked vertebrae) and he has been in a brace ever since.  He saw the neuro surgeon yesterday and while his neck is still broken, it is healing well, and he can stop wearing the brace.  He begins physical therapy on Monday.  I mention the grace of God because the surgeon told him that he was very luck to have strong bones that only cracked, rather than completely broke and shifted, because right where his fractures are is the spot where "internal decapitation" happens and he was hit hard enough that it could have easily happened.

* my daughter was able to sign up for medical assistance since she and her fiancee are not married yet.  What that means for them is that whatever the insurance she has through us does not cover with the baby's birth, medical assistance will.

* my friend's husband's tests keep coming back okay.  Something is still wrong with him, but they are ruling out one thing after another....and some of those things have been the big, bad, uglies.  They are waiting (and it will be 5 weeks!) for the results of a fungal test to see if a fungal infection is what's wrong with his lungs.  

* my husband apparently did not get any points on his driver's license due to his accident last month.

* my husband is adjusting to not having cable or satellite television service. Kind of. Sort of.  Okay, he is grumbling mightily, but once he figures it out he'll be fine.  I hope.

* we got the Star Dazzle laser Christmas light set up to make the tree by the deck all sparkly....without, I think, blinding any incoming pilots (we are in the direct flight path for landing at the airport).

* this is a short week.  School was still closed on Monday because it was the first day of deer season.

* for fleece lined leggings.  Have you tried those things??  Oh, my goodness...the comfort level is off the charts!  Walmart sells them in a 2-pack for a little over $7.

* for the newest Stephanie Plum novel.  I finished reading it today.  Still no decisions made about Morelli vs. Ranger.

* for each one of you.

That's it for this week.  Make sure you stop by to visit the Thankful Thursday hostess, Rebecca Jo over @ Knit By God's hand to see her list and the links to others who are feeling thankful today.  You all have a blessed day tomorrow!


  1. OHHHH man. I want some of those leggings!!!
    I'd be the grumpling one without cable. Fo'sure!!!
    So scary about your sons neck. Grateful with you its healing nicely.
    & so glad to hear about the medical assistance. Women give birth every day. How it costs so much is BEYOND me. Ricky's friend - he delivered all his babies at home because he said he wouldn't pay the hospital what they charge. OMGOSH!!! I always freaked out when his partner was pregnant - they had 6 babies together... all at home on their mattress. (I cringe) so THANKFUL your daughter doesn't have to worry about doing that ;) haha

    1. You will LOVE the leggings!
      The no cable thing does take getting used to, but I like it. There's so much to choose from. Tim's biggest issue is that unless you want to scroll through everything, you need to know the name of the show you want to watch. He can't seem make up his mind that way. lol
      I cannot picture my husband delivering ONE baby let alone SIX! I don't see my future son-in-law being able to do that, either.

  2. No leggings for me...not that cold here! Glad you didn't write about the latest Stephanie Plum book! It is next up for me. Love her!! You are blessed indeed with all these thankfuls!

    1. You'll never have to worry. Even when I do book reviews I try not to give anything away.


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