November 25, 2016

Post Turkey Day Wrap-up

Good morning and welcome to that uniquely American holiday...Black Friday. How weird is it that one day after we, as a nation, gather with our families and friends in the name of celebrating all that we are have and are thankful going out and participating in a massive gluttony of consumerism?  Just so you know...I don't.  This is traditionally the day I decorate for Christmas.  I'm not even doing that this year. I'm putting it off until Sunday.

* How was your Thanksgiving?  We enjoyed a nice day with our daughter and her fiancee and my mom and stepdad.  It has become our tradition to go up to my stepdad's home on the mountain. There we are surrounded by woods, enjoy a roaring fire, and can watch the wildlife in the field from the big window by the table.

Our son and his family always spend Thanksgiving with his wife's family which is okay with us as they always come here for Easter.  They needed to be with her family this year, anyway, as they have suffered several deaths.

* I didn't get to do a Thankful Thursday post yesterday, so here is a short list.

This week I am thankful...
  • for a great check-up at the doctor's this week.  BP was 108/78.  Cholesterol was 160-something overall...bad cholesterol was down...good cholesterol was up...triglycerides were down.  Kidney function good.  Liver function good.  Heart rate good.  Breathing good.  Red and white blood cell counts right where they should be.  Even my vitamin D level, while at the lower end of the scale, was in the acceptable range.
  • for a 5-day holiday weekend.  A handful of the students on my bus have been a real trial lately and I am in need of a break.  I also welcome the time to get the house ready for Christmas and to spend some time with family and friends.
  • that the election hoopla, while not going away just yet, does seem to be slowing down.
  • that there is no reason for me to be out there shopping on Black Friday.
  • for the changes I am seeing in my mom.  Yesterday I noticed a Bible sitting near the sofa she always sits on...I hope that means she is reading it.
  • that our old hound was able to go to Thanksgiving with us.  He has a very hard time getting up the stairs as his fatty tumors continue to grow.  It may have been his last time and he had a good day.
  • that my husband has a cold or some type of virus....I'm thankful because with the way his health has been the last few years I was worried that maybe it was something else.
  • that my husband has an appointment to see the doctor next Wednesday. He refuses to try to go earlier, but at least he is going.
And other things on my mind...

* Sympathy and prayers for the family of Florence Henderson.  The Brady Bunch was one of my favorite shows growing up and I still love reruns.  As Carol Brady, Henderson became one of America's iconic moms.  Another little piece of our innocence gone.

* Tomorrow we are going on a little bus trip to Olglebay, WV to see the light display.  We'll get to stop at Cracker Barrel (so much yummy goodness...and the shopping!!) and do a bit of walking around and shopping at Olglebay, too.  We go with a group of families of mentally handicapped adults.  They go every year and open the trip up to others if they don't fill the bus.  It only costs $10 to go and it's such a blessing to see how excited those individuals get.  I especially love how in awe they are of the big nativity scene.  God speaks to everyone.

* We've done it.  We've done away with cable/satellite television service.  We now have only Netflix and Hulu.  We'll see how it goes.  It's all part of the effort to cut costs.  Cable and satellite are ridiculously expensive and we've been finding that there is less and less variety or even anything we want to watch.

* It's officially time to begin the Christmas movie season!  I have a "thing" for Christmas movies. (confession: I've been watching them on Hallmark for a couple of weeks already.)  In between laundry and cleaning today I will be watching some of my favorites.

* Talk about a Thanksgiving miracle!  Thank you, Lord, for the safe return of the California mom who was missing for 3 weeks.  So amazing to hear that kind of story have a happy ending.

Well, I am off to get busy.  Please enjoy your long weekend and family gatherings...your shopping trips...and Christmas kick-offs...but be safe and don't forget the real meaning of this season.


  1. I was shocked at the news this morning about the mom ... & about Mrs. Brady :( So sad.
    I'm so proud of you cutting off cable. We're right on the edge of doing it. That $200 a month bill is KILLING me!!!!
    Why didnt you need to do black friday shopping? Are you done?!?!?!?!?!
    I love the one about the Bible being near for your mom. Hope its being put to use ;)

    1. Cable is ridiculous!
      I'm not done shopping. I've barely started. I just refuse to go out on Black Friday. I looked at a few things online, but didn't see anything I couldn't live without. Maybe the deals will get even better by Monday.

  2. I agree is was sad to learn of Florence Henderson's passing. I don't go out on Black Friday either. I have no desire to fight those crowds. There is nothing I need that bad. Glad to learn that you had such a nice Thanksgiving!

    1. The thought of those crowds gives me hives! Not really, but I've done it a couple of times and absolutely hated every minute of it.


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