October 1, 2016

The Last Time I Saw Him

Joining Sam and the gang for Saturday 9.

Saturday 9: The Last Time I Saw Him (1973)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Miss Ross sings of a tender farewell at the bus station. When did you last say goodbye to someone at an airport, dock, train or bus station?

I guess it would have been in 2010. (Yeah, I was surprised it was that long ago, too, but I've searched my memories of all the goodbyes since then and none have been in any of those places.)  My daughter had just graduated from high school about 2 months before hand and was leaving to visit her cousins in Alabama.  She had been wanting to move there for a few years.  

In my heart I knew it was coming, but at the air port when she said goodbye she informed me that she would be turning 18 the following week and we wouldn't be able to make her come back.  I didn't take it well...mostly because I knew she just wasn't mature enough or ready in any way to be out on her own.

It would be nice if I could say I was wrong, that she thrived in Alabama, and I got over it.  However, that's not how it played out.  Without getting into it, I'll just say it didn't work out (in a rather major way) and within 2 weeks she was back on a plane.

2) Continuing with the them
e of "lasts," who received the last gift you gave?

A teenage girl that I have a special bond with at church.  Her 17th birthday was last week.

3) Who last did you a favor?

My daughter.  She ran to the store for me this evening.

4) What's the last thing you dropped or broke? 

I have no idea.  Back in the summer I dropped the crock from my slow cooker when I was washing it and it shattered.  Ticked me off, royally.  I looked on line for a replacement, but it was only a few dollars less than buying a whole new slow cooker...plus the color I needed was out of stock.

5) What's the last thing you borrowed or lent?

My daughter and her fiance haven't gotten cable in their apartment yet so they have a ton of our movies over there.

6) When is the last time you danced?

I have no idea.

7) When were you last nervous?

One night when the dogs were very antsy and I didn't know why.  That always puts me on edge.

8) What was your last DIY project?

I guess it was redecorating our daughter's bedroom when she moved out.

The room tended to look like this when it was hers.

Now it looks like this.

9) When did you last check your horoscope? Was it accurate?

I don't check my horoscope.


  1. Bookshelves! I love bookshelves! Great job redecorating.

    1. One can never have enough bookshelves! The other side of the room is lined with them, too, plus I have a large set in the living room. All are full and even though I have purged a LOT of books in the last few months...I've bought nearly as many new ones. Yes, I might need a 12-step program. lol

  2. I discovered the Wednesday Hodgepodge through you, and now you've shown me another cool meme. I love the interesting questions these memes come up with.

    I'm not a horoscope person either. Never really have been, but especially since becoming a Christian.

    I, too, hate if the dogs are antsy and barking at night. I get nervous about that.

    Your new room looks fantastic. Job well done!!


    1. I admit to reading them before becoming a Christian, not that I put much stock in them even then. Now I don't even look. God says to stay away from that kind of stuff so I do...I just didn't get into that on here because I don't turn anyone away sounding judgy or preachy. There's a time and a place to talk about it, but it's better not to with the mixed meme crew.

  3. OMG! I know that daughter move-out scenario way too well! It was such a project cleaning up that mess!!! You did a nice job on that room.

    1. I know, right?! There was still so much stuff in there even after she said it was "empty." I don't even want to know what all the things that went "clunk" in the vacuum were.

  4. I enjoyed reading your answers today! Your DIY makeover project was great...those book shelves are beautiful. Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks, Teri. The opposite wall is covered with bookshelves, too. I might have a bit of a book problem. lol

  5. Oh my, that's pretty much what teen girl's rooms are like. Whoa!
    The remake of that room is fabulous!

    1. Would you believe her fiancee is hiding under that pile of stuff?


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