October 25, 2016

Catching Up & Book Reviews

Good morning and a happy Tuesday to you!

Somewhere over the weekend through all the rain (our rain gauge held FIVE!!! inches when my husband dumped it out Sunday morning) and wind warm, vibrant, colorful October took on the less colorful tones of November. Snowflakes were even reported in the higher elevations.  I remain thankful I was not one of those so "blessed."

My weekend was not an exciting one.  My husband worked both Saturday and Sunday and I went nowhere save for a quick trip to Aldi's on Sunday.  It was, however, a good weekend...a much needed break to rest and relax.  With the cold, wet weather swirling around outside I stayed inside, getting some chores done and indulging my often missing domestic gene.  I even made some totally from scratch (and no recipe) vegetable beef soup that my hubby is still raving about!  I spent some incredible time in the Bible and working on Beth Moore's study "Children of the Day" and really learned a lot.  One of these days I will probably share some about that, but not today.

The other thing I did was read.  I've been getting a lot of books to review lately so the pressure is on to do so within the allotted time.  I finished up two this weekend and want to share with you about them.


Wild Montana Skies by Susan May Warren is the first book in the Montana Rescue series and is based in Mercy Falls, Montana...right next to Glacier National Park and features the people connected to PEAK Rescue, a team trained and equipped to make the hard rescues.

In this book, we meet Kacey Fairing, a military helicopter pilot who has come home to try and put her life back together and reconnect with her teenage daughter.  She agrees to work with PEAK Rescue while she's home.

Also returning home to deal with an injured father and to lick a few of his own wounds, is country music star Ben King.  Ben's father runs PEAK Rescue or did until he was injured.  Ben was trained in the past for search and rescue so pitches in to help the team.  What Ben doesn't know is that his father has ulterior motives.

As it turns out, surprising most of the PEAK team, Ben and Kacey share a past and a whole lot more...more than even Ben was aware of.  The book is an exciting ride through several rescues and through the pain and the misunderstandings that stand between Ben and Kacey.  Can they sort it all out and find happiness together again after so many years?  You're just going to have to read the book to find out, but I believe you'll enjoy it a great deal.


Liz Johnson takes us back to Prince Edward Island for a second time in Where Two Hearts Meet. Sweet, unassuming Caden Holt is the executive chef at The Red Door Inn, a job she loves and is quite good at in spite of her insecurities and shyness. Handsome Adam Jacobs is a war correspondent on a forced sabbatical.  He is trying to cope with the unrelenting guilt of a story gone horribly wrong and the writer's block that has taken over.

The pair seem to have nothing in common but are thrown together when Caden's boss mistakenly assumes Adam to be the writer from a travel magazine and asks Caden to show him the island and really make it and the inn look good.  Unhappy about the assignment, Caden reluctantly agrees...only because if they don't book enough guests for the following year the inn may close and her job will no longer exist!

For his part, Adam is under pressure from his editor to write a long overdue article and he knows he's been sent to the inn for a reason, that there's a story, but in an effort to get him back in the game, his editor won't do more than give him clues as to what story is there.

As the two spend time in the kitchen and exploring the island a friendship forms between the two and sparks begin to fly.  Can they overcome the things in their pasts and trust each other?  Would a long distance relationship even have a chance?  Read Where Two Hearts Meet to find out.

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  1. I look forward to your book reviews! Glad you had a good weekend. Ours was uneventful too. Vegetable soup does sound good!! I love making soup and thankfully Joe enjoys eating it!! :)


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