September 10, 2016

Saturday 9: Mr. Boombastic

Hi folks, just enough time for a quick round of Saturday 9 before I head out to pick up the grandkids for the day.  We're going to a small hands-on zoo and then coming back here to watch Jungle Book in air-conditioned comfort.  Daddy and Mommy have all kinds of things going on today so won't be picking them up until tonight.

Saturday 9: Mr. Boombastic (1995)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is a rather shameless come-on by an accomplished ladies' man. Do you enjoy flirting?  I guess I did back in the day.  I mean, I still do with my husband, but not with anyone else...I don't think it's healthy for a marriage to flirt with others.

2) Shaggy sings that he's like a turtle coming out of his shell. Do you think turtles, snakes and lizards make good pets? Or would you prefer a companion animal that has fur or feathers? I personally most decidedly prefer animals with fur for pets, but to each their own.  That said, my kids had several box turtles as "pets" when they were young.  We even built some pretty elaborate pens for them because, in case you didn't know, they can and do, climb!  We lost many because they climbed out.  As for snakes and lizards, I'm not terrified spitless of lizards (but am of snakes) and I do not want either in my house.

3) He also sings that if you don't feel like driving, you should hand him the keys. Are you comfortable letting others drive your car?  No.  Just ask my husband. He's had to use my car for the last 2.5 months and I've been freaking out the whole time.

4) He tries to woo the girl with the promise of a bubble bath. Do you enjoy relaxing in the tub? Or do you view baths and showers as simply part of your hygiene routine, like brushing your teeth?  I could probably enjoy a hot, sudsy bath once in a while, but our tub really isn't a good one for soaking so it's been years since I have.  Good thing, on the whole, I'm a shower girl.

5) Born Orville Burrell, Shaggy took his stage name from his shaggy hair. Using your hair as inspiration, what would your stage name be?  Curly.

6) Sam admits she hadn't thought about this 20+ year old song in years, until she heard it on a Chase Bank commercial.According to the Federal Reserve Bank, checkwriting dropped more than 50% between 2000 and 2010. Who received the last check you wrote?  I think it was our local municipal authority....paid the sewage bill.

7)  Which would you prefer to receive in a birthday card: a $25 check or a $20 Target gift card?  The check.  I'll get to the bank to deposit/cash it much sooner than I'll get to Target.

8) Sam's mother refuses to pay bills online. All the news stories about data breaches scare her. Have you ever been hacked? If so, did it take long to get the situation resolved?  Our account has been hacked at least 4 times. Three times it's been done through the terminals at stores, but once it was from an online source.  We've caught a couple of them quickly and the bank's fraud department has caught the other 2 so it's never cost us much....just the inconvenience of waiting for new debit cards.

9) In 1995, when this song was popular, Michael Jordan "unretired" and returned to the Chicago Bulls. Tell us about a decision you made that you wish you could undo. I wish I had argued much more forcefully than I did against my husband buying the truck that has become the bane of my existance.

Enjoy your Saturday!  I will catch up with you all late tonight after the kids go home or tomorrow morning.


  1. Sorry about #9. One of my old boyfriends had a Trans Am that was such a lemon, but he was so attached to it that he kept pouring money into it. In retrospect, he liked me but he LOVED the Trans Am! :)

    1. Thanks for the sympathy. Fortunately, my hubby doesn't love his truck more than me. We simply can't get out from under it just yet. I never thought it was a good idea to get it, but lost that discussion. A man will want the "toy" he wants.

  2. The nearest Target is 3 hours south of here (as are most other stores, except Walmart) so I'm with you about the check.

    1. Ours isn't that far, but still far enough that I only go a couple of times a year. I kept hoping they'd build one here, but I don't think it's ever going to happen.

  3. I wish I had been with my husband when he bought his truck - I'd have walked away from that purchase and drug him with me. But I wasn't there. I no longer use my debit card for anything - I pay with a credit card and pay off the balance every month, or pay off what I spent on groceries and household necessities, anyway, if I make some other kind of purchase that requires an extra month or two. It feels safer because a debit card is my own money. And I sure don't want to lose that.

    1. My mom is like that with buying. She refuses to even get a debit card. I know I should at least cut back (I rarely even have any cash on me), but it wouldn't help. My hubby is so programmed to whipping that card out without a with the card and online banking, I can monitor what he has spent on a daily basis which is a wonderful thing as he is notoriously bad at letting me know what he's spent.

  4. We're both Curly!! Ha ha! Our answers are similar on most of these! Happy Saturday!


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