September 24, 2016

Doing Questions Like It's 2003

Time for some Sunday Stealing!

We found this gem from a blog named “Catlin Etc”. Catlin describes herself as “a 30-something lady living the best life ever with my hot husband, spunky toddler and needy dog.” She explains that she stole it from Karen at“Tiny Bird Heart”. But that’s as far as we go. Tracing questions back to the original author is just too much work.  Time to toast!
Cheers to all of us thieves!
Sunday Stealing: The "Doing Questions Like It's 2003" Meme

Tell us about your pets. If you don’t have one, share why you don’t.  
I have 2 dogs, a toy Poodle named Daisy who is quite the little diva, and a Beagle-Basset mix named Elvis, who is the mellowest, most lovable, food-motivated, hound who ever walked the planet.  They are my buddies and companions.  I love them to death.

Name three things that are close to you.
The Poodle, the laptop, and a can of diet Coke.
How was the weather for your summer?
Hot, humid, and either very dry or torrential rains.
What was the last film you saw? Did you like it?
My husband has Joe Dirt 2 on.  It's pretty stupid, but mildly amusing.  I'll live if I don't see it again.
Tell us about the last trip that you took.
I haven't been anywhere at all this year.  I guess the last trip would have been for a girls' weekend with all my sisters-in-law last summer to celebrate the oldest's 60th birthday.  We visited some wineries, had lunch and tea at a Victorian inn, went to the beach, ate lots of yummy food.  
Where do you buy groceries? Why?
All over the place.  If I am buying packaged foods I buy at Walmart because it's cheaper.  If I'm buying produce I buy at Giant Eagle because they have the best.  If I'm buying meat I either buy at Nazer's Market or Bardine's Smokehouse.  Both have excellent meat.  Nazer's has good prices, Bardine's is all local meat.  Now and then I will go to Aldi's just to see what's different.
Tell us something that you did today. Or will do if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet.
Well, I'm answering these on Saturday night because we're planning to work outside most of tomorrow so I'll tell you the big thing I did today.  My mom and I went with my daughter to look at wedding dresses (she is getting married Sept. 23 of next year) and.......SHE SAID YES TO THE DRESS!!

Have you pulled an all-nighter?
I did that on a regular basis in college. Then I did a few as a youth leader when the teens had overnight lock-ins at the church.  I am now officially way too old for those.
Can you taste the difference between Pepsi & Coke?
Absolutely!  I used to be a die-hard Pepsi drinker who hated Coke, but started drinking Coke because it has more fizz and stays fizzy even bouncing around on the bus.  Pepsi, I've come to realize can be kind of flat to begin with, and only gets worse.  
Tell us about your siblings. How many and what do they do?
I don't have any.
What’s the oldest thing that you own?
I think it's probably an antique Victorian bed with a 7ft. tall headboard.

This isn't mine, but it's very similar.


  1. Reading your Sunday post on Saturday night. I scheduled mine to post at 5:00 a.m. but enjoyed your answers! Interesting tidbit about Pepsi and Coke.

    1. Seems I'm either early or late posting these days.

  2. I agree with you about Coke v. pepsi!

  3. I'm a die-hard Pepsi drinker too!!

  4. I find that Coke tastes a little different depending on what it arrives in. Plastic bottle vs. can vs. fountain. I always enjoy it, but I like it best from the can.

    How exciting about the dress!

    1. I like cans best, too.

      I wish I could show the dress, but I'd be "killed" if I revealed it online even though the future groom is more likely to be hit by lightning than read my blog.

  5. Replies
    1. She cried as soon as she looked in the mirror. :)

  6. Lovely time out with your Sisters in Law. Sounds very enjoyable.
    I drink sodas rather quickly, with a meal, and just like the taste of Pepsi best.
    Lovely about your DDs wedding, and Yes to the Dress is very exciting times!
    Have a lovely Sunday, and don't work too hard.

    1. Yes, these are exciting days. We're going straight from welcoming a new baby to planning the wedding over the course of the next year.

  7. Congrats on the wedding dress - and upcoming nuptials. What an exciting time for you as a mom. I hope it all works out.

    1. Thank you! Finding the dress went unexpectedly well (only 2 hours from start to purchase!). Here's hoping the rest is as stress free.


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