September 22, 2016

Being Thankful & A Challenge

Getting around to blogging very late today, but since it's Thursday, which is my favorite blogging day because it's time to join in with Rebecca Jo @ Knit by God's Hand, I don't want to skip it.  Today is also a bonus day because I'm doing a 30-Day challenge and "must" answer the designated prompt each day.

This week I am thankful...

*  To finally have my husband's truck back because that means I have my car back...after 3 months without it!

*  The awesome insulated travel cup a friend gave me.  This thing is AMAZING! I can put ice and a drink in it in the morning, have it on the bus in 90 degree heat, bring it home, and there will still be ice in the cup the next morning if I don't dump it out!  I priced them out and they sell at Walmart for $'s worth every penny.  Oh, and it promises to do as well at keeping hot stuff hot.

*  That when my bus broke down yesterday it was something easily fixable and not the transmission like I thought.  I only had to drive a cruddy spare bus for the morning runs...not several weeks like I had imagined (big repairs are warranty work and have to be sent out...our mechanics could fix them, but aren't allowed to).

*  The new TV season started.  I am more than ready for some new shows...especially if they aren't reality shows.  I didn't get to see it last night, but I'm really wanting to see "Designated Survivor" with Keefer Sutherland.

*  All this incredible late summer/early fall weather.  

*  Football is back!

*  We are 7 days closer to the end of this endless, awful presidential campaign. I just keep reminding myself that it does not matter which of the less than stellar candidates wins.  God is in control and it will not be the first time He has used someone who was not exactly righteous to achieve His purposes.

*  Tomorrow is Friday!

*  And as always, all of you!

Day 4: Your views on religion.


I don't believe that a religion is what God planned for us.  I do believe that we were made to be in relationship with God.  I believe in a triune God...Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I believe the Bible is 100% truthful and free of mistakes. I believe Jesus Christ was the final sacrifice, holy and perfect, who died to pay the price for all human sin once and for all.  I believe He defeated death and thereby, Satan, by dying and then on the third day rising from the dead.  I believe He ascended to heaven to sit at the right-hand of the Father where he acts as our intercessor.  I believe Jesus is the only path to heaven and eternal life with the Father.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell.   

That's all for now.  This girl has got to go get some sleep.  

Have a beautiful, blessed, and safe weekend!


  1. YESSSS on the truck being fixed. That was a long haul there.
    I have heard more & more people talk about that cup from Walmart!!! My uncle is a big hiker & he said he paid like $45 for a similar one & the one at Walmart is just as good.
    I love your view on religion. Religious bites... its what causes all the discord between people. You are so right, its all about the relationship!!!

    1. My daughter's fiance told me he watched a video comparing various brands, including Yeti, and the Ozark Mountain one topped them all.

      Religious sadly true. People are running around doing so much damage in Jesus's name because they don't KNOW Him and have no idea what He is about.

  2. So glad the truck is running again! That was quite a process. I just went on Amazon and ordered one of those cups! I've been looking a Yeti because so many people love them, but I can't afford one of those! Good grief...more expensive than crystal!! Thanks for the recommendation! I think your Day 4 answer is right on!!

    1. You will love your cup! My future son-in-law watched a Youtube video where they compared several brands, including the Yeti, and the Ozark Mountain one came out on top! Not trendy, but it sure works!


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