September 21, 2016

A Hodgepodge & A Challenge

1. Thursday (September 22) is the first official day of autumn in this part of the will you welcome the season? I know some of you have been celebrating way too early, but it's official now so permission granted. House Beautiful recently listed ten ways to make your home smell like fall (you can read the list here) What's a scent you love this time of year and how will you add it to your home?

I love anything apple, pumpkin, caramel, or that smells like something's in the oven.  I generally add those scents via Yankee Candles.  I have a large drawer filled with candle jars.

2. Apple pie or pumpkin pie? Apple cake or pumpkin bread? Warm apple cider or a pumpkin spice latte?

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and warm apple cider.

3. Do you suffer from what is sometimes referred to as an afternoon slump? What helps ward it off before it hits and/or tell us what helps you shake it off once it's here?

Actually, since I get up so early in the morning, I tend to have a mid-morning slump.  A cold, caffeinated beverage can help, but my best tip is to chew gum. You tend to breath more deeply and at times through your mouth when you chew gum, so your brain gets more oxygen and it perks up.

4. Ladies-how have your friendships with women inspired you or made you a better person? For the men here today- how have your friendships with men inspired you or made you a better person?

I haven't historically had a lot of luck with friendships with women.  I'm an introvert so I'm probably never going to have a ton of friends, but I am working really hard and cultivating some friendships.  I think I'm changing the trend with the friends I have now.  They are amazing, strong, trustworthy Christian women and they support me in bad times and rejoice with me in the good times.  They keep me on track.

5. Are you a people pleaser? If you said yes, do you think that's a good or bad thing? If you said no, do you wish you were more of a people pleaser? 

It depends.  There are some people I want to please, but others that I couldn't care less what they think.

6. The seasons are a-changin'...share a favorite song relating in some way to change (not necessarily seasonal change, it could be change of any kind).

7. What do you wish would never change? 

Family holiday traditions.  The kids just don't seem to value them the way I do.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

I'm in the middle of doing a 30-Day Challenge here on the blog.  Since I'm already running late today, I'm just going to slip the Day 3 challenge right on in here.

Day 3: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

I'm not against mild social drinking or drugs that help with medical problems, but otherwise, I believe they should be illegal.  I know too many families who have felt the pain of a loved one getting caught up in drugs.


  1. I enjoyed your answers to this week's HP! I am also enjoying your 30-day challenge. #7 is a good answer. I just isn't like it used to be.

  2. I so enjoyed your Hodgepodge last week that I decided to take part in that myself. What a fun meme...lots of great questions she asks.

    I had no idea that you breathed more deeply when chewing gum. Then again, I'm not a gum chewer these days. Ah, but if I only knew that back in high school, I would have had a response when the teachers called me out for chewing gum in class.


  3. That's an intersting challenge. I love a prompt these days because I'm so stuck in house build mode. We're on the home stretch, so hopefully soon I'll get back to writing and thinking about something else! Happy fall!


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