August 8, 2016

The Continuing Saga of the Truck

It was the continuing saga of the truck that took center stage over the weekend. Hubby needed one small metal clamp to finish putting some hose or other back in place.  Actually, he had one, but dropped it in the yard and couldn't find it. Many phone calls and trips to all the local Ford parts departments proved the only one available in the tri-state area was at a dealership over an hour away.

Guess how we spent our Saturday morning?  On the bright side, it was a nice drive and time spent with my husband, but really....all that for a $13 piece of bent wire??  Sheesh.

Finally armed with the elusive part, Hubby spent the afternoon putting everything back together.  When he was finished he turned the key and low and behold....the truck started right up and he drove it to the gas station to fill it up and then drove it around for a while.  It ran great.  He brought it back, shut it off, and then tried to start it again.  Nothing.

After many tries, he ran the computer sequence again and it gave him a couple of codes that it being Saturday night, we couldn't find out what they meant. The truck did, however, start when he tried it later and continued to start.  He's afraid to drive it, though, until we find out what the codes mean and take care of that.


Other than that, it was a nice weekend.  It was sunny and not too warm and the humidity took a vacation. That was very welcome.

On Sunday we got up early and drove to a huge flea market about 2 hours from here.  It's only open the first weekend of each month April through October. We'd never gone before, but had heard good things.  It was a fantastic day for a long drive and we enjoyed ourselves.  It was fun browsing through the flea market, though by the end I was beat.  Even my Asics with orthotics thrown in couldn't save my poor feet from plantar fasciitis pain.

We didn't buy a lot.  Hubby bought some kind of car wax.  I bought dog treats, a couple of magnets for the car proclaiming that my Beagle and Poodle are smarter than the president, and I got a sweet deal on a vintage Vera Bradley purse.

Other than that, we mostly just chilled at home.  Our daughter stopped by last night.  Not so much for a visit, but for some know how it can be when you are young, pregnant and the hormones are all out of whack.  I think she was feeling better by the time she left.

So, now I'm off to make some phone calls.  I have to find a venue to have a baby shower.

I'm glad you stopped by.
Have a blessed week!


  1. Flea Markets are always fun and it sounds like you got some good bargains! Glad the truck started and is almost healed! Hope the codes don't spell disaster! Happy Tuesday!

    1. He drove it to work today and has done some running around in it since he got there....hoping this means it's good to go!


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