July 21, 2016

Praises, New Babies & Summer - Thankful Thursday

Good morning!  God is good all the time and all the time God is good.  So let's not waste any more time.  Join me today in meeting up with my friend Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand and some other like-minded and beautiful ladies for our weekly sharing of the things we are thankful for this week and always.

This week I am thankful...

* for two absolutely perfect summer days in a row.  Temperatures in the low 80s, low humidity, and plenty of sunshine with a mild breeze.  Perfection.  And a most welcome break after a good week or more of hot and humid.

* that further tests have shown the masses in my daughter-in-law's breast are cysts, not cancer.

* that progress continues in changing my daughter's former bedroom into a library/craft room and the former library/play/catch-all room into a legitimate guest room for the grandkids or any company that may come.

* for a phone call and chat with a Canadian friend that just lifted my spirits and made my day.

* for Eat 'n' Park's seafood pasta bake...it is the ultimate comfort food.

* that God is continuing to work miracles in the marriages of two women I know...in marriages that by the world's standards were dead. Done. Over. No hope.  But that's the great thing about God...there is ALWAYS hope in Him.  One friend and her husband are actually going off for a romantic getaway this weekend!  She is as excited and nervous as a new bride.  It's so amazing to watch these stories unfold and see lives and families restored.

* that my step-dad only has a kidney stone, which is painful, but can be dealt with.  His has been deemed small enough for him to pass so he is back home after being in so much pain and so nauseated yesterday that he gave in and went to the ER. 

* for classic "summer" songs that make you smile and remember younger days when you hear them.

* for goofy quizzes on Facebook that make us all laugh (who doesn't want to know who should be in their gangster crew or what their hippie name is?).

* for the first new baby, born yesterday, in what is going to be quite the baby boom in our family.  One down and 4 to go before the end of the year!

* for those now rare summer evenings of stepping outside and hearing music playing, smelling someone's dinner on the grill, kids laughing and shouting, and dogs barking. It takes me back to when I was growing up and everyone spent the evenings outside because we didn't have air conditioning and we only had 3 channels on the TV, so it was a lot more fun to sit out in the backyard and visit with our neighbors.  Kids would be running everywhere chasing lightening bugs or playing tag and the grownups would be telling stories, sipping iced tea, and smoking cigarettes.  You might hear the clinking of dishes as someone's mom washed them, or the play-by-play of the ballgame drifting out from someone's radio, or the bang of a screen door...those were the days.

* as always, for all of you!

Have a blessed and happy Thursday 
and don't forget to be thankful!


  1. I'm so jealous of your summer weather. We're about the same temps of hell - I'm convinced of it.
    PRAISE GOD the results came back not cancer. That's always scary.
    I just did one of those FB questions to see what job I should have. It was to manage a friend's life - OK then :) haha

    1. If it makes you feel better we are to drop into one of the circles of hell temperature-wise tomorrow and stay there for at least as far as the forecast goes.

      I did that quiz, too, and got the same answer. I thought it was weird so I didn't post that one. LOL

  2. Praise be to God for the healing, both physically and with relationships!
    (And I just looked up and read Rebecca's comment...I promise I didn't copy it!!!)
    Ah, yes...those sweet memories we have of summers when we were growing up. The youngsters have no idea what they're missing!

    1. Amen to that praise!

      No, it's sad, but the kids will never know what they missed.

  3. Oh my, those old time summer memories sure took me back, too! Those were the days indeed! God's blessings are all around us, aren't they!


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