July 23, 2016

And We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun

Sunday Stealing is doing a survey based on music.  I thought for a minute we were doing a second Saturday 9 this week, but nope...this is indeed Sunday Stealing. So let's get at it.

We Found this gem from a blogger that we stole from once before, Stacy of the 
blog All Stacy All the Time. She states that she stole it from "Lola’s Diner". But that's as far as I'll go. Tracing it back further might be crazier than a Trump speech. So as we sub forour current author, Kwizgiver, we will shout:

Cheers to all of us thieves!!

Sunday Stealing: The Beach Boys' Meme  

1. SURFER GIRL : “I have watched you on the shore, standing by the ocean drawer, do you love me do you surfer girl” Were you ever interested in someone (other than a celebrity) who did not return your interest?  Of course, who hasn't gone through that at least once back in school?

2. BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL : “So be true to your school now, just like you would for your girl or guy…” Looking back, how do you feel about your high school days?  They were...okay.  I wouldn't want to go back and do them again.
3. FUN FUN FUN : “…and she’ll have fun fun fun till her daddy takes the T-Bird away…” What was the worst punishment you received as a teenager? My dad was really, really, REALLY big on grounding me.  I spent about 2 months during the fall of my freshman year grounded...a time when I guy I had a huge crush on decided to like me, but the grounding thing killed it. And to Dad, grounded meant going nowhere other than school or family obligations, no television and no phone calls.

4. I GET AROUND : “Round round get around, I get around” Where did you go on your last long trip?  Walmart.  It has not been an exciting summer.

5. HELP ME RHONDA : “You gotta help me Rhonda, help me get her off of my mind” What do you do to cheer up after a personal tragedy such as a lost job, power outage or broken relationship?  I turn to my my faith, get together with my girlfriends, and crank some good music to sing and dance along to.

6. CALIFORNIA GIRLS : “I wish they all could be California girls. The west coast has the sunshine and the girls there get so tan, I dig a French bikini on Hawaiian island dolls, by a palm tree in the sand” Where are the best boys found?  I'm going to be 52 years old next month, how would I know?  Plus, if I was trolling for "boys" we'd have a problem.

7. SLOOP JOHN B : “I wanna go home, please let me go home, ya ya. Well this is the worst trip, I’ve ever been on…” What is the worst trip you’ve ever been on?  We went to visit my husband's sister for Thanksgiving a few years ago. She lives in Alabama, which is about a 1000 mile drive from here.  Our daughter whined and moped the whole way home because she was "in love" with a boy she met there and wanted to move there.  I was riding the menopause roller coaster at the time so everything in the known universe made me cry or want to throat punch someone, and my husband decided it would be fun to pick at us to make us more upset on purpose.

8. WOULDN’T IT BE NICE : “I guess the more we talk about it, it makes it harder just to live without it, but let’s talk about it…” What is your biggest wish? For my husband to take care of his health and for him to stop being such a workaholic.

9. IN MY ROOM : “There’s a place where I can go and tell my secrets to. In my room. In my room.” What is your favorite thing about your own personal room or space in your home/office?  Well, my personal room is a work in progress.  It was my daughter's room until she moved out last month.  I love that most of my books are in there.  I love how cozy it is.  I love that it is filled with little momentoes that matter to me.

10. GOD ONLY KNOWS : “You never need to doubt it, I’ll make you so sure about it. God only knows what I feel about you” When was the last time you told a significant other or close relative that you loved them?  A couple of hours ago when we had dinner with our daughter and her fiance.  Oh, wait, I'm wrong.  I said it to my husband when he went to bed.

11. GOOD VIBRATIONS : “My baby has good vibrations, she’s giving me excitations…” When do you get good vibrations?  When my husband does small, thoughtful things.  Usually he's so tired from work or not feeling well that he doesn't have the energy to put into little considerations like helping with my chores around the house, but I always make a point to tell him when he does that a man helping with housework is a sexy man.

12. KOKOMO : “We’ll go to Kokomo. We’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow. That’s where I wanna go…” What is your favorite warm weather destination?  Chincoteague and Assateague Islands are my favorite places on earth, but any beach/shore on the east coast or one of the Great Lakes will do.

13. DO IT AGAIN : “Let’s get back together and do it again…” If you could go back in time and gather up your school friends, what would you do again?  As mentioned in an earlier question, I wouldn't go back.  Once was enough. 


  1. I would love to check out Chincoteague...ever since I read "Misty."

    1. It was the same for me. I read "Misty" and all the other books in the series when I was 10. I think it was the same year that I found out the stuff in the book was real and Chincoteague became my "holy grail." I didn't get there until I was in my 20s but have been there several times since. I have to say, it was one of the few places that lived up to all the expectations I had built up over the years. Our last visit (and the time I finally got to see the Pony Swim) was kind of bittersweet. Part of Chincoteague's charm was that it was not commercialized and built up like other beaches. Unfortunately, as environmental concerns and government regulations have put the local fishing boats out of business the locals are selling out and hotels and condos are beginning to go up all over the place. Many homes were empty. It was sad to see, but the Pony Swim was everything I thought it would be!

  2. I wouldn't go back, either, and that trip to Alabama sounds like a total nightmare. I am glad that I have met you through these memes. :-)

    1. Nightmare might be too mild of a description. 7th circle of hell might come close.

      I'm glad we've met through these goofy things, too!

  3. Your worst trip really sounds like it was awful! This was a fun-to-do Sunday Stealing and I enjoyed yours today!

  4. I'm never going back either. I agree that once was enough. I love LOVE LOVE your space. It's perfect. Have a great week, even if it's a bit exhausting.

    1. Thanks Zippi, I love it. It just needs some seating. I'm on the prowl for a smaller scale pair of wing chairs or club chairs.

  5. I think your personal space is divine! :-)

  6. Now I am going to be humming Beach Boys tunes all day :)


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