June 3, 2016

What a Start to Summer!

No time on the deck this morning.  It was raining again.  What is up with that? How about a little sunshine here, God?

So, we had an interesting evening last night.  The owner of the company my husband works for called me last night while I was making supper.  He wanted to know if Tim was here or if I'd heard from him.  The questions and his tone of voice let me know something was not right.

As it turned out, Tim, who was doing some demolition work on an old factory was burned when a pipe fell, kicked up a cloud of dust and the dust ignited into a fireball.  My stubborn husband, of course, refused to go to the hospital and everyone was in a panic.

Between his boss and I we did get him to agree to go to the ER and get checked out.  His burns aren't severe or widespread.  His face got a bit of it (he was really complaining about his lips), but he had on safety glasses and a shield so that probably saved his eyes.  The majority of the burns are on his right forearm and both hands.  His hands are the worst with second degree burns.

The ER put some cream on him and wrapped his hands and gave us instructions on how to care for the burns, but we'll see what happens because they also recommended he go to the burn unit at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh and get checked out today.  He has an appointment for 1:00.  He'll be leaving work soon to go.  Yes, he went to work.  Missing work is not an option with the man unless he is on his death bed.  It's just how he is.  After 32 years I'm used to it.

What a start to the summer!

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