June 21, 2016

The Simple Woman's Daybook - June

I was terribly excited this morning to stumble across The Simple Woman site again.  I used to post The Simple Woman's Daybook every month and loved doing so because it forced me to slow down for a moment and consider the smaller moments in my life and appreciate them.

So, here is my daybook entry for June 2016.

For Today

Looking out my window...I see a beautiful, sunny summer day.  Most of my view from where I am sitting is obscured by the leaves of the Toby and maple trees in the front yard.  So green and fresh looking today after all the rain we've been getting.  I can catch just a peek of the clear blue sky above and the grass below.

I am thinking...a lot about a video I am going to make in just a bit.  I shared my prayer binder with the ladies in a new Bible study I'm attending and they want to know how to make their own.  It is very far out of my comfort zone, but I've decided the best way is to make short videos and post them to the group's Facebook page.

I am thankful...for the very good day I had with my daughter-in-law and grandkids yesterday.  There was a time when I never would have dared to dream of my d-i-l and I spending a day together and enjoying it, but God can and does work miracles and we are living proof.

One of my favorite things...is my grandson's joy.

I am wearing...gray capri's of a sweatsuit-like material and an orchid-colored t-shirt with a seashell design.

I am creating...a collection of recipes gathered from family members to give as gifts to my husband's family next month at a family reunion.  It won't be as large as I'd hoped, because getting recipes has been like pulling teeth, but I'm going to do the best I can.  I think it will be an awesome thing to have the favorite recipes of those we love...for the grandkids to know they are making the same foods their grandmother made their mother or father when they were small.

I am watching..."Faith of Our Fathers," a movie about two young fathers who went off to Vietnam and their sons, who meet decades later and discover a lot about the fathers they never knew, themselves, and God on a journey to the Vietnam Memorial.

I am hoping...that my husband, who chose to work today since the whole family was here yesterday and we cooked out then to celebrate Father's Day, will change his mind and not work the whole day.  He needs a day of rest.

I am learning...that as much as I love the women in my home fellowship group, I need to broaden my circle of Christian friends and involvement.  I'm even coming to know that I need to start looking for a "real" church again, that I need the corporate worship, the teaching of more than one teacher, and opportunities for ministry.

In my kitchen...there has been a lot more home cooking going on.  I'd gotten away from that with our busy and different schedules the last several years. The fact that we rarely are available to eat dinner at the same time hasn't changed, but we are in a tight place financially right now and it is much less expensive to cook at home.  It's mostly been old standards that I know my (still picky at nearly 24!) daughter will eat, but she moved out this weekend and I am looking forward to being able to shake things up in the kitchen and try things I avoided before so I didn't have to prepare two meals.  I also want to start getting a lot more serious about preparing healthier foods.  My husband and I aren't getting any younger and he has an atrocious family health history.

In my garden...which is not so much a garden as a variety of pots sitting all around the deck, things are really going well.  Everything is growing by leaps and bounds and is covered with buds and I even have one small green tomato already!  I have herbs, 4 varieties of tomatoes, 3 kinds of cucumbers, and 3 kinds of sweet peppers.

These pots hold basil, purple basil, peppermint, sweet mint and rosemary.

Board Room...I love key lime pie.  It just says "summer" to me like no other dessert.  I am not really a fan of making it, however.  Most of the recipes are complicated and one thing you should know about me is that when it comes to cooking I am all about the easy factor.  So I am really excited to try this recipe for key lime dump cake that you make in the crock pot!

Post Script...I create a fairy garden for my granddaughter every year.  It changes a little here and there and most years I add another piece or two. Only one of our local garden shops carries the supplies for fairy gardens and they are very pricey so I am always on the lookout for more items.  I came across this site for The Original Fairy Garden Store this week.  It has EVERYTHING!

Shared Quote...

A moment from my day...

Went to visit our daughter now that they are moved into their apartment.

Closing notes...It's been a big week around here.  Our daughter and her boyfriend signed a lease and got the keys to their first apartment on Wednesday.  When they took the keys and went to the apartment for the first time as their new home, they also took another big step and got engaged.  Cody surprised Megan completely.  Yesterday, with help from friends and our son, they moved their furniture in and last night was their first night out on their own.  They are thrilled and we are making the adjustment to a completely empty nest.  I have to admit, it was time and I'm pretty happy about it.  (And the kids are only a couple of miles away so I'm sure I'll still see plenty of them.)


  1. Hi, I'm visiting from the Simple Woman's Daybook. That photo of your grandson is so cute. Love that smile!

    Congratulations on your daughter's engagement. How exciting to be the mother of the bride. This time last year, that was me. (October wedding) Hope you enjoy the wedding planning.

    Patti @ Embracing Home

  2. By the way, I love the title of your blog. Like "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," "I carried a watermelon" is a classic line from a really fun movie.


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