June 21, 2016

Have You Ever

Good morning!  I am really just not feeling it today peeps.  I was scratching my head trying to come up with something I felt like writing about today and well, it's just one of those days, ya know?

Fortunately, I came across this list over at Knit by God's Hand.  Thanks, Rebecca Jo, for always having something fun going on over there!

So, here, without further ado, is "Have You Ever."

Have you ever....

Fired a gun?  Yes.  Many times.  I own three of my own...two handguns and a rifle.

Shot a bow and arrow?  Yes.  I'm not very good at it, though.

Been married?  Yes, just once and in November we'll be celebrating our 32 anniversary!  Sheesh, the time has flown.

Fell in love?  Yes, obviously or I wouldn't be married.

Gone on a blind date?  Yes, once in college.  It was a nightmare.  He was nice enough, but really rough around the edges and he decided he was in love with me.  I had a very hard time getting rid of him.

Skipped school?  Who me???  Yes, it's possible I might have once or twice.

Watched someone give birth?  No, not live, right there with them.  I've seen it on TV.

Watched someone die?  No.  I came very close twice, but I think I knew it was coming and found reasons to get out of there.

Been to Canada?  Yes, but just to Niagara Falls.  I'm hoping to go this summer to meet my friend, Angela, in person.

Been to Hawaii?  No and I have mixed feelings about it.  I mean, it looked pretty cool when the Brady Bunch went there for vacation, but I heard from someone who went recently that it has become very touristy and commercial.  I'm so not into that.  Tim would really like to go, though, so you never know.

Been to Europe?  No and sadly I probably never will.  I'm not afraid of flying, but I am afraid of terrorists and being an American on foreign soil these days.

Been to Las Vegas?  No, but it's definitely on my bucket list.  I don't care about the gambling.  I want to see the shows and the hotels....and visit the pawn shop from Pawn Stars.

Been to Washington, D.C.?  Yes, but I was a kid.  I'd like to go back as an adult and with more time to view and appreciate everything.

Been to Nashville?   No, I've only driven past it on whatever major highway goes around it.  I'd love to go some day, though.

Visited Florida?  Yes.  I did more than that, actually.  We lived there for the first 2 years we were married.  We were in Orlando, but really on the outer fringes in an area called Sky Lake.  The next stop down the road was Kissimmee.

Visited Mexico?  No, and unfortunately, it's another place I probably won't get to visit because of the danger factor.  People tell me it's perfectly safe to go to Cancun, that the drug cartels stay away.  I'm over here wondering who tells them they can't go to Cancun?  With all you hear about their vicious attacks on the news I just don't think it's worth the risk.  My hubby agrees.

Lived in another country?  No.

Seen the Grand Canyon in person?  No, but after the Brady Bunch went there I wanted to ride a donkey down to the bottom.  However, after hiking down into Canyon de Chelly  (also in Arizona), I am over that idea.  Do you know how narrow those trails are?  It's a long, long way to the bottom.

Flown in a helicopter?  Yes!  I've actually done this one a few times.

Been on a cruise?  No.  I have zero desire to do this.

Served on a jury?  No, and I'm very disappointed about that.  I've only been summoned once and that was just last year.  I never even got interviewed or anything....just sat in the jury pool for an entire day bored out of my mind.

Given a speech in public?  Yes, more times than I can believe, given how nervous/anxious/scared spitless I am every time I do it.

Started a company?  No.

Been in a movie?  No.

Been to Los Angeles?  No, and again, no desire to.

Been to New York City?  No, but it's on my bucket list.  I want to see a show on Broadway and for some reason, I've always wanted to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in person.

Played in a band?  No.  You can thank me for that.

Sang karaoke?  No.  You can thank me for that, too.

Made prank phone calls?  Yes.  This was prime Friday and Saturday night entertainment for jr. high aged kids back in the 70s.

Laughed so much you cried?  Yes, and beyond until the laughing hurt.

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?  Yes.  I live in western Pennsylvania...lots of mountains....long, cold, snowy winters.  Kids ate snow and made prank calls to survive winter, okay?

Had children?  Yes, two.  Both are grown and out on their own.  One is married with 2 children and the other is engaged with a baby on the way.

Had a pet?  Yes. So many it would take me a while to remember them all.  I will always have a pet.  Unless they put me in a home and the home says I can't. I might have to run away from the home.

Been sledding on a big hill?  Yes, but only as a kid when we lived in a wildlife preserve. There were several teenagers in the other families living there and all but one of us kids would sled down the hill in a big meadow near the houses and one kid would meet us at the bottom with a pickup that we'd toss the sleds in and then pile in for the ride back to the top.

Been downhill skiing?  No.  I think me on skis would give new meaning to "tree hugging."

Been water skiing?  Yes.  Only a time or two as a kid and I wasn't good at it at all.

Rode on a motorcycle?  No.  Tim wants one in the worst way.  I can't forbid him from getting one, but the older he gets the more easily distracted he gets and that's in a vehicle....no way would I get on a bike with him.

Driven a motorcycle?  No.  No desire to.

Jumped out of a plane?  No.  Not happening.

Bungee jumped?  No.  Not happening.

Been to a drive-in movie?  Yes.  Lots of times.  We had one in our town until just a few years ago when they tore it down and built a CVS pharmacy....cause, like, we didn't have any other big box pharmacies in town (we have like 5).

Rode an elephant?  Yes.  I paid something like $5 to ride one at a zoo back in the 80s.

Rode a camel?  Yes.  Roughly the same story as with the elephant.

Slept overnight on a beach?  No.  I've slept in a lot of places and I think I'd like sleeping on the beach, but I never have.

Been on TV?  Yes, a few times.  Mostly in crowd scenes, but once I got interviewed about the closing of a local mall.

Been in the newspaper?  Yes, several times.  Not for bad stuff.  It was all good. Honest!

Stayed in the hospital?  Yes, when I had my kids and when I had my gallbladder removed.

Donated blood?  Yes.

Gotten a piercing?  Yes, but only in my ears.

Gotten a tattoo?  Yes.  My husband paid for me to get one on my 45th birthday.

Driven a stick-shift vehicle?  Yes, but only to try and learn how.  My thinking is why should I drive stick when God clearly wants us to drive automatic vehicles or he wouldn't have allowed us to invent them.

Driven over 100 mph?  Yes, just once on a basically empty highway in the middle of the night.

Been scuba diving?  No.  Sharks, ya know?

Lived on your own?  Yes....if you count the dorms in college.

Rode in the back of a police car?  No.

Got a speeding ticket?  No.  And that's the truth!

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