June 30, 2016

Thankful Thursday

It's time to join up with my blog friend, Rebecca Jo @ Knit by God's Hand for Thankful Thursday.  Her husband is undergoing surgery today so say a prayer for them if you would.

This week I am thankful...

* For the cooler temperatures.  Not having to run the AC means a lower electric bill.  Yay!  I did wake up this morning to the furnace running...just for a moment...and I'll be thankful that, too, as it means it will be comfortable out there pulling weeds in the flower bed.

* That God provided exactly what we needed this week.  We had a big financial need and I had no idea where the money would come from, but there it was! Is God great or what?!

* It's a holiday weekend coming up.  My husband is working on Saturday, but will be off on Sunday and Monday.  I haven't heard anyone in the family say they want to picnic, which is fine with me, so maybe Tim and I will go to the Arts & Heritage Festival or go see the new Independence Day movie.

* That I did not pass out from the polyurethane fumes I released sealing the paneling in the room our daughter recently moved out of.  I have one coat on, now Tim wants to give it a light sanding and then I get to put a second coat on. It's not nearly so bad now that I've borrowed one of those adjustable double window fans from my mom.  I can set it to blow in or pull the fumes out.  I can't wait until it's finished.  I'm moving my bookshelves and desk in there.

* For the group of ladies who have come into my life via the new Bible study I'm doing.  They are mostly from two towns away and I would never have crossed paths with them otherwise.  They are proving to be a blessing.

* For the privilege of witnessing God work in a friend's marriage.  Not so long ago the marriage seemed doomed.  Hearts were hardened and without hope, but that has changed.  It's tender and fragile yet, but daily God does something big and my friend is generous in sharing it.  It is so encouraging and thrilling to see such obvious work of the Father's hand.

* For lots of little green tomatoes on my plants.  Not sure yet how the cucumbers and peppers are going to fare.  I haven't noticed many bees to pollinate and a coworker of Tim's, who raises bees, has said the bee population in Pennsylvania is waaaaay down.  That's not good, but I am sure God will take care of things.

* And of course, I am thankful for YOU!


  1. I sure enjoyed your thankful list today. I usually do a Thankful Thursday post and need to remember to link up with Rebecca Jo.

    1. Thanks. I really like doing this list and being positive.

  2. OHHH - a new room for your book shelves & desk - you'll have to post a picture when you get settled in!
    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE when God comes through in financial areas when you have no idea how its going to work out.
    The women God has put together in my bible study group? Just love it - I love how God ties people together.
    Thanks as always for linking up!

    1. I will share pics, but at the rate I'm going it may be a while.


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