June 9, 2016

Thankful Thursday - Casting My Cares

Joining with Rebecca Jo @ Knit by God's Hand in being thankful for God's many blessings in my life.

This week I am thankful:

  • That my husband's burns were not any worse than they are.  If you've missed it, Tim was doing demolition work on an old factory last Thursday when dust kicked up by the demolition caught fire.  Tim was right beside it, not quite over directly over it, which I am sure lessened the damage.  As it is, he has second degree burns on his face, hands and right arm...his right hand and arm having taken the brunt of it.  He is peeling and gross right now and after a week the tender new skin hurts nearly as much as the initial burn.  He refused to take off the week of work the burn unit recommended, but has been much better than I expected about babying the burned areas, keeping them clean, and slathered in the burn cream the hospital gave him.  He goes back to the burn unit tomorrow for a check up.
  • For the rain and cooler temperatures.  I'm sure that made things more pleasant for Tim.  It's also meant we haven't had to run the air conditioning very much, thus holding off on those summer electric bills.
  • That things seem to be coming together for my daughter's move out of the house.  Her boyfriend's parents have promised many things and then backed out....yet it still seems to work out and I have peace about it.  I think the good Lord knows I need this space to save my sanity and my relationship with my daughter.
  • That our hound, Elvis, seems to be in good spirits and able to get around in spite of the fact that he seems to keep developing new fatty tumors and they keep getting bigger and bigger.  We love our boy and I hate to think of the day when they will keep him from being able to get around.
  • For time with my mom.  She has been visiting more and we had lunch at a church salad bar yesterday and Saturday we are going to a community-wide yard sale to see what we can find for my daughter's apartment.  I'm taking her to lunch with some of my bible study friends after that.
  • For remembering to send my twin aunts' birthday cards out on time. (I usually forget.)
  • For a really good and true book to read and review (coming soon) about changing race relations in a small Tennessee town in the 1960s and 70s.
  • For my Tai Cheng DVDs.  Loving them!
  • For my regular Tuesday evening Bible study on Revelation, my morning study from Precept Ministries on worry, and starting tomorrow I'm going to meet on Friday mornings with a new group of ladies to do Priscilla Schirer's study on the Armor of God.  How awesome to live in a country where we are free to meet and study God's Word!
  • For all the things and chores I have to do today because it means we are blessed.  We have a roof over our heads, clothes to wear, food to eat, leisure time, and stuff...so much stuff.

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  1. I always love your lists. They are so real.
    As someone who has a husband who was in a fire & is severely scarred, I held my breath reading about your husband. That is so scary. Praise the Lord he's OK.
    Our grumpy old man has fatty tumors that hang down so low - he's low to the ground anyways - but the docs say they dont bother anything so we just let them go. Our neighbors dog had them so bad they were like a basketball on her side - they said as long as they didnt seem to bother her, no need to do anything. She lived with it for YEARSSSSS.


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