June 15, 2016

Simplifying the Hodgepodge

1. If you could sit beside and/or jump in any lake in the whole wide world today, which lake would you choose and why?  Lake Erie.  I grew up going there and still enjoy going there in all seasons.  And I'm really not familiar with any other lakes.

2. What's your favorite 'fruity' drink?

3. I read a list here of thirteen things to do right now to simplify your life. They were-

clean as you go, re-evaluate your relationships (cut toxic ties), unsubscribe (too many blogs and websites), de-clutter, write down your daily goals, reply to emails right away, forget multitasking, create a morning routine, re-evaluate your commitments (which hobbies and responsibilities are most important to you), say no, clean up your computer, and plan your day ahead

Which of the tasks listed do you currently find most helpful in keeping life simple? Which item on the list should you adopt in order to simplify your life this month?
 Let's see....I try to clean as I go (though the family doesn't always cooperate on that one), I don't subscribe to that much online stuff, I keep a bullet journal to stay on target with daily tasks and goals, a lot of decluttering is going to happen in the next few days as my daughter moves out, I am good at saying no.  The one thing I should probably do, but that I am absolutely horrible at because I am a big wimp when it comes to confrontation, is cut the toxic people from my life.  

4. What did you do the summer after you graduated from high school?  Nothing special, just hung out with my friends for our last summer before we all headed off to college or jobs.

5. Are you a fan of podcasts? If so what's a favorite?  No.  I don't think I've ever even watched one.

6. Do you think today's fathers have it harder, easier, or just different than fathers in the past? I think it's different for sure, maybe harder, I don't know.  I think they are expected to be more hands on and involved in the day to day stuff of raising kids than previous generations were.

7. Tell us one way you're like your father? Or not at all like your father if that's easier?  I'm like him in that he was a man of integrity.  He saw the world in black and white. Things were either right or wrong.  He had a very defined moral code and was as honest as the day was long.  I hope that I am not like him at all, in that he was very controlling, a real "control freak."  The only way to do anything was his way.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.  A couple of years ago my daughter wanted to move out and I didn't take it well.  I knew she was not mature enough and definitely didn't have the skills she needed.  Okay, and there was also the fact that she was my baby and my menopausal emotions didn't want to let go.  Now I'm looking forward to moving day (this Saturday!).  She has a boyfriend who is supposed to become a fiance and then husband at some point.  There is a baby on the way.  In a little over a month, she will be 24.  It is time.  In fact, it's past time.  I love my daughter, but two adult women in the house trying to run the show has been stressful to say the least.  I am looking forward to being the queen of my castle again with no one fighting me at every turn.  I wish her well and will be around to help, but I am going to rejoice in my empty nest!


  1. Oh, sangria, that is a good answer! I hope your daughter's move goes smoothly. Nice meeting you today through the Hodgepodge :)

    1. Thank you, nice to "meet" you, as well.

  2. I think it would be nice to visit Lake Erie. I haven't been there. I enjoyed reading your random thought. Queen of the castle! I don't want to be a control freak either. I think at times I may have tried too hard to make things "right" but I don't want to ever be remembered for controlling everything! Flexibility is key.

  3. I only live a couple hours away from Lake Erie, and I've yet to go see it. I should change that someday. Best wishes to you, your daughter, and your growing family!

    1. You should! I live in Pennsylvania so that's the part of the lake I'm familiar with, but I would imagine it's similar wherever you go. I love it at all times...even winter. It's hauntingly beautiful when the lake is frozen and the waves have frozen into ice dunes.

  4. Stacy, I love seeing you photo on your "About Me!" Sangria is a great choice for a fruity drink. I have to clean as I go along but it is the deeper hidden cleaning I need to do. Way to go on going to college. I was lucky I graduated H.S. I'm excited that a baby is coming and I pray that her relationship is long term. Here I am with both kids back home!!! I hide in my dungeon (office) most of the time.....

    1. Thank you, Debby! Signs are good that her relationship will last. Cody proposed yesterday when they went into their apartment for the first time! She said yes, of course. They are both from families free of divorce so here's hoping they will continue that tradition.

  5. Ahhh...empty nest...I'm loving it! It's nice to find something in the exact same place you put it for a change. Also the washing machine is not going 24/7 because all their clothes are "wrinkled" due to being in a heep on the floor after a 'try-on' session. :) This is my first hodgepodge, I've enjoyed getting to know you a little bit.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA


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