June 16, 2016

A Very Thankful Thursday

No deck again this morning.  Thunderstorms are besieging the land.  Sigh.  This is becoming the norm.  Still, you'll get no complaints from me.  I figure God knows what He's doing and I'm sure not going to argue with Him!

So, let's move on to better things, like counting blessings along with Rebecca Jo over at Knit by God's Hand.

This week I am thankful...

*That my daughter really is going to move into her own place.  She and Cody paid their deposit this week and got the keys.  Yea!  At the end of the day on Saturday the nest will be officially empty.

*To have been a part of this Yesterday.  Cody surprised Megan when they went to the apartment to start cleaning.  She really had no idea it was coming.  I knew about 15 minutes before hand because I was taking the pictures.

*For all three of the Bible studies I'm doing this summer.  One is on Revelation, one is on worry, and one is on the Armor of God.  Funny thing...they all seem to be matching up each week and reinforcing each other.

*For the new friends I'm making in the Armor of God study.  They are a very nice group of ladies and the leader is rock solid in her teaching and faith.

*That the Armor of God study meets at a tea room and we get to try yummy teas and feast on crumpets while we study.

*That Tim seems to be feeling a bit better and the pain from his burns are lessening.

*For a basically dull, boring, normal family compared to the stories I hear of others.

*For a lovely, relaxing afternoon of pampering at the spa yesterday thanks to a generous Christmas gift from my daughter.

*For air-conditioning when the temperature soars to 90 and the humidity is running a close second.

*For my fierce little Poodle who wants to be held all day and my big, aging hound with all his lumps pacing the floors scared to death of the thunder.

*That I've been doing much better at posting to the blog.  Nearly every day, thank you.  Now, to make or remake connections so there is someone reading.

That's all for this week.  I've got to get moving and do a lot of chores around here today.  Be blessed folks and enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. AHHHH - I love proposals & the reactions they bring.
    So exciting you were there able to witness it & capture it.
    Well dang storms - you just got a perfect spot & Mother Nature apparently doesn't approve :)

    1. It was so cute and Cody has changed in how he reacts to me. He's more open now. :)
      And yes, Mother Nature is just raining on my parade. LOL


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