January 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday and time to get listing all those blessings again.  This really is my favorite post each week.  If you'd like to participate or just read more lists, please visit Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand.

This week I am thankful...

* my husband is finally on the mend after being diagnosed with acute bronchitis and possibly pneumonia on Saturday.  They put him on a powerful antibiotic, an inhaler, and gave him two different meds for the horrible cough...one for daytime and one with codeine that allowed him to sleep.  He's not quite back to normal, but the cough is nearly gone and he's no longer having pains in his lungs.

* that my mom's case of bronchitis was caught early and has responded quickly to antibiotics.

* that my stepdad is doing well following the surgery to repair a detached retina. He goes for a one week follow up tomorrow.

* my daughter's illness turned out to be related to fluctuating hormones following pregnancy than to the dreaded "bug."

* for all this mild weather!  I should be driving the bus up and down the mountain on snow and ice at this time of the year.

* that a friend, who had major open heart surgery a month ago, came through
his latest "hiccup" without too much trouble.  His appointment last week showed fluid in one of his lungs.  They removed it on Tuesday...nearly 2 liters!

* that while the fatty tumors plaguing my old hound dog continue to grow...and while one of them has caused him to start limping...he doesn't seem to be in pain, just stiff, and he can still jump up on the sofa and still goes out to potty. As long as all that stays okay we don't have to think about making the hard decisions just yet.

* for opportunities that come up on the bus and give me a chance to try and talk to the kids about serious things.  I can't share the gospel, of course, but I can try to talk with them about things like character, integrity, kindness, respect, etc.

* for the guy (or gal) who invented the pooper-scooper!  If you have a dog and have to deal with the yard after the snow melts....you KNOW what I'm talking about!

* for a surprise overnight visit from our daughter and grandson...because their toilet clogged and a plunger just wouldn't fix it.  They couldn't reach the landlord last night but he came right over this morning.  Too bad they had trouble, but hey....extra time with the baby!

* that it's a short week thanks to the MLK holiday this past Monday.

* for a good book I've been enjoying this week.  Nothing heavy, just good fiction.

* as always, for all of YOU!


  1. What a funny excuse to get more baby time... but whatever it takes ;)
    Oh man. So much sickness/illness happening around you. UGH> Glad everyone is pushing through. & hormones causing those problems? That's so crazy what hormones can do (Says the nearing menopausal person who is feeling all sorts of OFF due to hormones lately)
    Our neighbor had a fatty tumor that was SO HUGGGGEEEE - but it never bothered her. Our Sydney had one too - So did Buffy - the vet always said if it doesnt bother then, dont let it bother you :)
    A detached retina? That freaks me out - with my eye problems a few weeks ago I'm still fearful of that.

  2. An excellent list of blessings, for sure. I'm so glad to read that everyone is on the mend!


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