January 5, 2017

A New Year of Thanks

Getting to this a little late today, but I can't miss out on counting my blessings with you on Thankful Thursday.  Please, visit Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand to join in and find links to other posts.

This week I am thankful...

* that I was able to go back to work today.  I'm not really over the flu or whatever it is that I've had all week.  I fought nausea all day and now my chest feels like it's "tightening" and my breathing is a little bit wheezy.  Asthma?  I also had to drive on some dicey roads this afternoon as a snow storm hit about the time school was dismissing.  But I am still thankful.  I went back to work and made it through the day.

* that my husband seems to have escaped this bug.

* for the way my husband pampered me and took care of me in the evenings and called several times a day to check on me.

* to be safely home (the roads are bad) and snuggled up with my pups.

* there is a possibility of a new job in the future for my husband that would significantly improve our financial situation...and that he is will to consider it and other offers that come along.

* for Crumpets, my favorite tea shop.  They have scrumptious flavors of loose teas, fresh baked crumpets with a variety of AMAZING toppings, and a yummy lunch menu.  I am dying to get over this stupid flu and get some of their chicken salad...it has green apples and bacon in it!

* for a nice time with our friends on New Year's Eve...even if I am pretty sure that's where I picked the flu.

* that my friend's husband, who is also a dear friend, a pastor, and something of a father-figure to me is doing well following his open heart surgery.  He has a very long road ahead and is getting impatient, but he is doing well.

* for all of you!

Sorry it's a short list this week....I haven't done much but snooze on my sofa. Stay safe and warm this weekend as the storm hits most of the country.


  1. Bless your heart. So glad your hubs has escaped the flu. That always gives me hope that people CAN escape it. I always hear when it hits a home, how EVERYONE gets it - I always cringe & remind myself why I want to live in a sanitary bubble.

  2. Short list or long list, it is always good for us to spell out things we have been blessed with. Your list today is pretty great!!


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