December 22, 2016

Have Yourself a Thankful Little Christmas

Joining in with Rebecca Jo in expressing my thanks for all of God's good gifts. You can join in if you'd like.  Simply click on Rebecca Jo's name above to visit her blog.  There are no rules...just make your list and link up.

This week I am thankful....

* for the health of my new grandson.  He is just perfect!

* for the way my future son-in-law has been stepping up to the plate taking care of the baby and helping out as much as he can while my daughter recovers from a c-section.

* for an unexpected day off yesterday.  Not for the reason....terroristic threats in the school district I work for.  Still, it gave me some extra time to get things done and to spend most of the day with my daughter and grandson.

* that today is my husband's last day of work so he will be able to run a few last minute errands for me tomorrow....and go with me to a funeral in the evening.

* that my husband will be off all of next week.  Part of it is paid holiday time and part is vacation days. (Please Lord, don't let him get sick.  Last time I convinced him to take vacation time at Christmas we both spent the entire time down with the flu.)

* that my family will all be together for our Christmas celebration on Saturday. I know with the way life is, we are lucky we can all agree on a day and that the time may come when we can't all be together.  I'm not looking forward to that, but for this year I am thankful.

* for Christmas cookies!

* for an easy Christmas dinner menu since we are all cooking and taking dinner and all the gifts over to my daughter's apartment and celebrating there this year.

* it doesn't look like it's going to be bitter cold or horrible weather for Christmas.

* for all of you (and the job I must go back to for the rest of today and tomorrow).

Be blessed and have a Merry Christmas!


  1. That baby... goodness... he is precious!!!
    Praying for a healthy holiday season for you all!!! Enjoy loving on that baby for his first Christmas!

  2. The baby is adorable!! Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy and very Merry Christmas and new year!!

  3. Your grandson is beautiful! I love grandsons. Mine is 3 months old! Merry Christmas!


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