December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016

Good morning!  Are you all starting to wake up from your Christmas ham/turkey/cookie/whatever-your-family-eats induced coma?  We are, but not too much else is happening yet.  The hubby and I have just been chilling and relaxing so far....something we really needed.

Our family got together on Christmas Eve Day for our Christmas.  Mom and I cooked the dinner and we all went to our daughter's home since she is a brand new mom and all.  We thought it would be easier for her and the baby.  It was a great you can see.

Our daughter and her fiancee lucked into an amazing apartment for their first home and to everyone's amazement (she was a total slob at home) she has decorated it beautifully and keeps it very nice.

That's our daughter and her fiancee opening the gifts for our grandson...who slept through most of the day.

Our son and his family enjoyed their gifts and the day, too.  We are blessed that our son was with us and doing well.  He was in an accident in October that fractured his neck.  The neurosurgeon he saw said if he didn't have such strong bones he very likely would have been killed!

My mom and husband hanging out. I think Mom is watching Home Alone.  It was a first for her and my stepdad and they laughed so hard!

Our grandkids had so much fun playing with the doll we got our granddaughter. She's a veterinarian and came with dogs, cats, an x-ray machine, and everything a vet could need!

Our grandson is a MAJOR teller of stories and near the end of the day he had a captive audience in his grandfather and great-grandfather for one of his epic tales.

Of course, there was plenty of baby holding going on....with Nanny leading the pack!

Hubby and I were home alone for the start of Christmas Day....a first for us, but I think I might get used to it.  It was peaceful, though I didn't get to sleep in (thank you, dogs!).

My mom and stepdad came down (we live on the lot behind my mom's house) to exchange our gifts, which we had decided not to take to our daughter's.  That was all they had planned to do, but they ended up staying and we introduced them to another classic Christmas movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  It was fun to watch with someone who had never seen it...they laughed soooooo hard!  They stayed to eat some leftover lasagna and visit.

Yesterday I took off for Barnes & Noble and bought a ton of stuff....some new Moleskin bullet journals, the new James Rollins book, a new calendar, a datebook for my husband to use at work, a party game, and the bestest thing....The Big Bang Theory edition of Monopoly!

My husband puttered around here.  He sanded the top of a little writing desk I bought last month at an auction for $7 so it can be refinished.  He pulled a cabinet off the wall in the bathroom that's been in the process of being redone for over 2 months at this point.  That was about it because his stomach started bothering him.  I had to really pick at him to get him to admit it actually hurt...which was what was wrong with him last Christmas when we didn't know what was wrong with him and thought he was dying.  More "pushing" brought out the truth that he hasn't been taking his Zantac or Protonix.  Sigh.

My mom invited us to dinner.  She made prime rib and baked potatoes.  Yum! While we were up there visiting, our daughter and her fiancee showed up with the baby for a visit.  The baby was wide awake for a change and we all ate that up!  He's such a stinkin' little cutie.

Today my hubby's already off to see the dentist and I'm just puttering, but I'm heading to the shower and then it's a full day of laundry and putting things back together ahead.

I hope your Christmas was as filled with blessings as ours was.  Have a great week!

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  1. New little babies are just THE BEST!! He is adorable, and Christmases to come will be more and more fun. The little ones do keep the magic alive. Sounds like you have had a very nice celebration!


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