November 10, 2016

Voting and Beth Moore and Pumpkin Flavored Everything!

Joining in with blogging friend, Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand for a little Thursday Thankfulness, because really, don't we all need a little something extra nice and positive this week?

This week I am thankful...

* the election is over.  My prayer now is that we recognize the grace and mercy the Lord has extended and don't squander it.  I pray for our leadership and I pray for our people.  I pray we find our way to being united as a nation once again.

* that I live in a country where I can vote and make my voice heard without fear of government reprisal.

* for the pumpkin roll and container of soup I was given as a "thank you" at the technical school I drive some of the high school kids to.  

* for the month of November and this season of thanksgiving.  I love that so many of my friends are participating in the 30 Days of Thanks on Facebook.

* for the amazing time my friends and I had at the Beth Moore conference this past weekend.  I learned a bit, but mostly it was an incredible time of refreshment for my weary soul and I came home feeling rejuvenated and lighter than I have in months.

On an interesting note, as we looked around our seating area the first night, who should we see sitting just two rows behind us but the pastor (a woman) and a few members from the church we had all left two years ago.  She and our leader had not spoken since then.  They hugged and that pastor shared that she missed and loved our leader.  Unfortunately, there was no apology, but it was a start....definitely a divine appointment, because what were the odds to travel to a different state and be sitting that close together in a large sports arena?

* for bittersweet memories of childhood Thanksgivings when life was simpler and my entire extended family was intact and gathered together.  I miss those days of knowing I was a part of something bigger, of having everyone at the same table...extended by the infamous kiddie table.  Now with so many gone from us and the rest scattered all over the country it just never happens.

* for this 4-day weekend.  There is no school today because of parent/teacher conferences and none tomorrow because of Veterans' Day.  I plan to get a lot of work done here at home today, do some Christmas shopping tomorrow, and Saturday I'm going to an auction with my mom.  Very low-key, but nice just the same.

* for the generous co-worker who filled my trunk with packages of diapers to give to my daughter.

* for Salonpas patches that take care of the pain in my feet and the cramps in my legs in pretty short order.

* for all things pumpkin flavored!  My mom brought me pumpkin-flavored cornbread yesterday.  Who knew??

* of course, for each and every one who stops by my page.

Have a blessed and thankful weekend!


  1. Isnt that funny how all the places to be, you all sat so close to each other & a little bit of healing could begin? No better place than a Christian conference for that.

    Pumpkin flavored cornbread???? Doesnt sound horrible.

  2. I love your first bullet point! Yes!! You know, I don't care for anything pumpkin except my mom's pumpkin bread recipe. I don't even care for pumpkin pie, but will eat a small piece on Thanksgiving to say I had some. I must be in the minority because pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere!! LOL


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