October 27, 2016

October Blessings

I missed joining in last week, so it's good to be participating in Thankful Thursday again.  Let's start off with a big thanks to Rebecca Jo @ Knit by God's Hand for hosting.

This week I am thankful...

* that my husband and son are okay.  

My son was hit from behind while stopped at a red light on his way to work last Tuesday.  His car is totaled and he is off work and wearing a neck brace for a month because of fractures in 2 of his vertebrae.  Every airbag in the car went off! What a praise he wasn't hurt any worse and all the insurance companies involved seem to be taking care of things quickly and without argument.  

Then Friday afternoon my husband was in a wreck on the Parkway heading into Pittsburgh.  Traffic was bumper to bumper and hardly moving and he thought he saw a vehicle trying to cut in from the side and swerved....into the back of a vehicle driven by a pregnant woman.  Unfortunately, the accident was his fault so our premiums will probably go up, but everyone is okay and the insurance is fixing the truck and paying for a rental in the meantime.

* that my daughter remains close but doesn't live in the same house.  She stopped by yesterday and was "venting" about a lot of things.  Her life is so drama-filled and being around it stresses me.  I don't know how she can deal with it.  My life has become much more peaceful since she moved out on her own.  It makes me appreciate being a boring old lady!

* for the shorter days.  Yes, I really do mean that.  It's one of my favorite parts of fall and winter.  It pushes everyone inside together and with heartier meals cooking and candles lit, it's so cozy.

* that my cousin who is only 43 or 44 is okay.  He had a heart attack yesterday! They inserted a stint and he will recover.

* that my husband has finally agreed to my plan to drop DirectTV and rather than get any other satellite or cable service, subscribe to Netflix and Hulu.  It will save over $100 a month.

* for pumpkin pie milk.  I kid you not.  So yummy and not as many calories as Arby's milkshake.

* for the beautiful scenery I get to drive around looking at all day on my job.

* for each one of you!

Have a blessed and happy Thursday!


  1. What a great list of thankful fors!! I'm so happy the accidents didn't harm people any worse (though 2 broken vertebrae are not be be laughed at!). Thank goodness for insurance - a necessary evil for sure, but so thankful for it when it's needed. Wishing you a happy Thursday evening!

    1. Thanks, Terri! Insurance is indeed a mixed blessing.


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