September 12, 2016

The Simple Woman's Daybook: I Am Tired

For today...

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Looking out my window...autumn is beginning to make itself 
known in the leaves that are fading to a dusty green, 
a yellowish shade, and even brown.

I am thinking...about the baby shower I am hosting for my
daughter.  It is less than a month away and there is so
much that needs to be done yet.  It is exciting, 
though, this planning to celebrate our third grand-
child, due the day after Christmas!

I am thankful...that while it has finally turned out (after
2 1/2 months) that the problem with my husband's 
truck is the same part we paid $8000 to have
replaced in April....IT IS UNDER WARRANTY!

One of my favorite things...spending time with my
grandkids.  Yesterday we went to the zoo, 
watched the new Jungle Book, and they helped
me make supper and bake cookies.

I am pajamas as it's Sunday evening and
I will be going to bed early since tomorrow is a 
work day and it's back to waking at 3:45.

I am watching...the new Jungle Book.  I'm not sure it's 
suitable for the easily scared or upset children as it is darker
and more violent than Disney's original cartoon
version.  The computer generated animals are
incredible and the action, intense.

I am hoping...the temperature is done rising into the 90's
and that the humidity will stay low as well.  It has
been quite miserable on the buses during the
afternoons these past two weeks.

I am make better use of my time and be more
organized.  My work schedule this year leaves me very
little time at home during the day and by the time I
get home in the evening I am exhausted.

In my kitchen...there was much laughter and smiles yesterday
as I taught the grandkids to make that culinary delight -
hotdogs stuffed with cheese and wrapped in cressant
rolls.  They did a great job and had so much fun.

In my garden...things are winding down.  My "garden" this
year consisted of many pots on the deck filled with
peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs.  The
cucumbers were a bust, but the tomatoes and peppers
have been prolific.  Some types have finished but I still
have about a half-dozen pots going strong.

Board room...Baby showers and weddings are front and
center in my mind these days, so my favorite pins
have been ideas for those.  I really like this idea
for a crock pot gift basket from

Post Script...someone shared this link to a blog post on
Facebook earlier this summer.  I found it hilarious
because it is spot-on.  Read here to see what it
would be like If 70s Moms Had Blogs.

Shared Quote...

A moment from my's another from the zoo of 
my silly grandson pretending to be eaten by a gator!

Closing Notes...There is so much to do these days and so little time to do it in.  My work schedule this year keeps me on 

the go all day with just short breaks...not really enough time to get much done when I am at home.  Plus, with getting up at 3:45 every morning, I am pretty darn tired when I get 
home at 5:30 each evening.  

I am trying to keep up with 
chores and the things that I like to do or need to do
and let the rest go.  I'm trying not to get discouraged by the fact that nearly every time I sit down and open my
Bible, I wake up a little while later with
nothing studied.  Sigh.  

I'm also trying to balance how much I depend on
my mom.  I don't always have time to run the 
errands I need to and have to ask her.
I feel like a big pain.

I'd quit the extra bus run I added to my work day
if I could, but it adds a substantial bit of extra
money each week and right now we are
really in need of it.  

I guess we do what we
have to do.

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  1. Your day starts EARLY and I complain about getting up at 5:00. Wow! Glad you had time with the grandkids this past weekend. They are adorable!! Nice that they enjoyed helping in the kitchen.


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