September 18, 2016

Sunday Stealing: The Martial Arts Meme

Of this week's meme, Bud says:

"We found this gem from a rather weird Martial Arts Site. There were random cartoons and pictures of women on the page, but this one was as silly as any. It was called "Random Questions" but since we've had at least a dozen memes (or surveys) named some variation of that we just made a new name up. I guess I should shout,

Cheers to all of us thieves!!"

Sunday Stealing: The Martial Arts Meme

Who was the last person that you held hands with?  

My handsome little grandson.

Are you loud, outgoing or shy?  

I can be rather shy if I don't know you well, but on the other hand, I am often not afraid to act like a giant goofball in public.  On the other, other hand, I am by nature an introvert and sometimes I simply find socializing to be entirely too much effort.  I'm not being shy or stuck up, I'm just not a small talk kind of person. 

Who are you looking forward to seeing?  

Grandchild number three, Colton Timothy, when he arrives in late December.

Are you easy to get along with?

Unless you are rude, extremely self-centered, or just a ridiculously miserable person in general.  I'll still give it my best shot for as long as I can take it. Frankly, I've been told I take it for too long before I lose it.

Have you ever given up on someone, only to let them back into your lives? Why?

No.  I don't give up on someone lightly (I agonize over unfriending even a casual acquaintance on Facebook) so if I've reached that point there is a very good reason and they are probably so toxic that I can't afford to have them in my life.

If you were ill, which TV doctor or nurse would you want to take care of you?

Alan Alda, Hawkeye Pierce, of M*A*S*H will always be my favorite TV doctor.

Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

It depends on the situation.  I'm not particularly comfortable discussing it with a man other than my husband or my doctor, but I can joke about or discuss it with women friends.  I also have no qualms about talking about it and teaching about it to teenagers....I've done it many times as a youth director.

Who was the last person that you had serious conversation with?

My daughter just a little while ago.

What was the last text message you received about?

Going to a used book sale yesterday.  I went.  I bought.

Do you believe in luck and/or miracles?

I believe in miracles, but not luck.

What good thing happened this summer?

My daughter moved to her own place and I got to witness her boyfriend proposing to her.

Convince us why we should or should not believe in life on other planets?

I certainly believe it's possible.  I believe God created everything and that includes the whole universe, not just earth, so it's possible he could have also created some kind of life elsewhere.

Who was your first crush on?  

Donny Osmond.  Yeah, I know.

Favorite part of daily routine?

Praying on my drive to work.  It helps me get my attitude in line and sets the tone for the day.

Do you like your neighbors?

I have known them all my life.  My family and theirs have lived in this neighborhood for 3 generations.  They are like family (I even called the older generations "Aunt" and "Uncle" rather than Mr. and Mrs.) and my feelings are a mixed bag...just like with real family.

What’s your worst feature?

My ears, while not Dumbo large, are not exactly small and elegant, either.  Much to my dismay, middle-age and arthritis have turned my ankles into cankles. Take your pick.

Have you ever had trust issues?

I still have trust issues.

Thanks for joining in the fun. Enjoy your
Sunday and have a blessed week!


  1. Some of your answers made me giggle! You are my only other connection here who does this meme so I really enjoy reading your answers each week! I'm glad you play too!!

    1. I always have fun doing this one. In the old days I worked hard to make all my answers funny and find pictures/gifs to go with each one. It was time consuming in the extreme. I just go with honest now and hey, sometimes the real me is funny, too. lol Glad you enjoy it.

  2. I wish I had given more thought to the "nurse" question - I simply blanked out on it. But others have given great answers that I should have thought of. Including you!

    1. I love Hawkeye, but honestly, I couldn't think of anyone else to compare him with. He'd probably still be my choice, but just keeping it honest. lol

  3. I wonder if Alan Alda knows how fondly so many of us recall him.

    I saw Donny in Vegas almost two years ago. He looked very, very good. My 1970s era crush has not aged so well.

    1. All I can think when I see Donny now is "Was his forehead that huge back then??" lol

  4. Enjoyed your answers and your cartoons. And yes, the authentic voice of self is that best one to Blog in, unless you are a spy I guess. lol

  5. LOL Always enjoy a visit from you, Zippi!


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